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Thread: noob....and a wierd story

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    Okay now im scared. But i think the fetous thing happens quite regulary - i always feel like i have a twin brother stuck in me on a sunday morning after hard sat night and a curry - but don't worry after a quick trip to the loo im fine.............

    sorry for the laddish humour lol

    ta ta

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    Quote Originally Posted by kane2g
    if they are going to destroy the earth why are the the real estates prices and taxes going up????
    wouldnt they go down? I mean if you gonna blow the damn thing? right? :D
    I wish hahaha, this project will take lots of money so they are milking us for all tehy can before *BOOM* and were all dead---and living with :flames: !!
    with :blowkiss: from a :wow: man
    The one thing man learns from history is that man does not learn from history.

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    Well, unfortunatly it does happen in the states... more than you would hope.

    I know three.... now two who have this problem.

    The first was a cousin-in-laws little boy, he had one in his brain. (Teeth, hair, etc.) He lived for 8 years after they found it, he passed away in February at the age of 15.

    Another is my wifes ex-boss.. she had the same in one of her ovaries. She had a good surgery and everything is fine now. The other, is my brothers friend, I don't know his whole story.

    My brother is a doctor (DO) and he says it's VERY common and happening more often now... Sad....

    But nature has a weird way of changing things... Iv'e heard then next stage in evolution is no more widom teeth.... My mom never got them.... me either... bro and sis did tho!!! LOL:thumb:
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