Is your PC too slow or does it leave others in its wake? Find out with PassMark benchmarking.

PassMark Software has released PerformanceTest version 5.0, a Windows based software utility that allows the novice to advanced user to benchmark the performance of their server or desktop PC. By running through a battery of tests, taking just 4 minutes, PerformanceTest will measure the speed of each major PC component and give an overall rating.

With a single click PerformanceTest allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests then compare the results to other computers. Twenty-four individual benchmark tests are available in six test suites, CPU, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, memory, disk & CD.
The benchmark results are presented as easy to read bar charts and up to 20 different systems can be graphed at the same time. Results can be printed, saved to disk as a new baseline file, exported as HTML or cut and pasted into another application. Additional baseline results can be downloaded from the PassMark web site or be exchanged via e-mail between friends and colleagues. PerformanceTest's small footprint allows it to be installed and run from a floppy disk, enabling users to do their own "in store" benchmarking when purchasing a PC.

New features of PerformanceTest V5.0 include new 2D graphics tests, new CPU tests, support for Windows 2003 server, additional motherboard and PCI slot system information, support for hyper threading and new advanced hard disk testing.

In addition to benchmarking, PerformanceTest also displays system information such as CPU speed, cache memory and the installed video hardware for the computer being tested and all the baseline system results that have been installed. PerformanceTest can be used to measure the effect of configuration changes and upgrades, troubleshoot and diagnose performance problems and D.I.Y benchmarking.

PerformanceTest V5.0 costs $US24 for a single user license running on Windows 98, 2000, XP and 2003 server. Multi-user and site licenses are available. For more information contact PassMark Software, 18 Kennedy St, Kingsford, Sydney, Australia. Voice +612 9326 5476, Fax +612 9326 3109. Email: [email protected]. Web: