Unfortunately Codcult no longer hosts or supports this program :(
Good thing is Jan has hosted it for me here:

The Codecreatures™ engine demo picks you up and transports you into a world where the birds are singing, butterflies flutter past densely foliated trees, the water in the pond gently splashes up on the shore, and the grass sways in the breeze. Sunlight drips over rolling hills and pokes through the tree leaves before reflecting off of the pond’s surface. Although there are no beverages in this world, if there were, you can bet there would be ice-cold lemonade. In order to demonstrate their next generation game development system, German company Codecult™ immerses you in one of the most lush, photo-realistic, “living” nature scenes of all time! With the latest Codecreatures engine demo, Codecult harnesses the power of the GeForce4 Ti polygon throughput and shading technology of the nfiniteFX engine to unleash their creativity. Each scene spans 250,000 to 1,000,000 triangles. Combining these massive amounts of geometry with rich, intricate textures, this demo features everything the new GeForce4 Ti has to offer. The GeForce4 Ti vertex shaders of the GeForce4 Ti inject an extra dose of vitality into the glorious Codecult world by enabling countless blades of waving grass, rolling water with real-time reflection and refraction, and a realistic sky dome with correct atmospheric lighting.

My FX5600 barely got to 20FPS while my 9600XT nearly doubled that :D It's a VERY intensive benchmark.

If you like nature scenes this is a must have B)