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Thread: i7-870 And Gigabyte P55-UD5

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    Default i7-870 And Gigabyte P55-UD5

    Hey guys,

    Not much of an air/water bencher myself, but I will try and get some numbers up for you.
    Anyhow, lets get an idea of what it will do cold.

    To start with, here is a shot or two of the board/setup :)

    One with the heat sinks off.

    Getting ready to go cold!

    Needed to make a back plate till I can get a "real" one off Vince.

    And all setup.
    For the top mounting, On the far side, I used the two socket 775 holes. And on the near side the two for socket 1366.

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    Default Re: i7-870 And Gigabyte P55-UD5

    Test Bed

    i7 870
    Gigabyte P55-UD5
    Mem Team eXreme/A-Data/OCZ
    Gigabyte GTX260 (will go cold with that later)
    F1 EE CPU Pot

    PiFast @ 5346Mhz = 16.27sec

    SPI1M @ 5442Mhz = 7.578sec

    SPI32Mhz @ 5206Mhz = 7min 12sec 406mil

    wPrime 32 @ 5258Mhz = 4.578sec

    wPrime 1024 @ 5179Mhz = 146.5993sec

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    Default Re: i7-870 And Gigabyte P55-UD5

    Welcome Dean!
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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    Default Re: i7-870 And Gigabyte P55-UD5

    Very, very interesting Deanzo. Thank you for posting. It makes me want to do the same with my lesser components. These new i7 chips are making me smile.
    P55-UD4P - i7860 - Patriot Inferno 120GB SSD - 1600Mhz Mushkin 7-8-7-20 - 3 WD 640GB Black
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