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Thread: The World's Paradox (Role-Play)

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    Bhren suddenly coming to his senses still had a dull tone ringing in his ears. Shaking his head, he looked at Mehigan with distain. He turned to Vector with a serious look and nodded his head, "Thanks Vector." Making his way quickly back to Adele's side, Adele told Bhren of the book and its heritage.

    "mmmm... i think we should leave this "wizards" presence quickly before he starts doing more tricks." Adele concurred as Vector picked up Vespertine. The four turned there back on Mehigan and Ogiratem and made there way out onto the street. "The doctor's place is a fair walk from here... about eight blocks over that way," Bhren pointing in the direction.

    As they walked Bhren kept looking back to see if Mehigan was in toe. He knew that this warlock creature hadn't given up by any means. At no time could Bhren see him but he knew he following them. Adele looked at Bhren and knew his concern, she felt something nasty was going to happen soon... Mehigan wasn't just going to lay down and submit.

    They arrived finally at "Ulsen's Pharmacy and Practise", a quaint little shop which doubled as a GP's office. "You guys go in and tell Doc Ulsen you know me... He'll help you out for sure. I'm just going to be up the road visiting my old crater for a home and..."
    Adele cutting Bhren off, "No, you go nowhere without us... its not safe" Bhren hanging his head "OK... maybe later?" Adele looked at the sorrowful boy and gave him a semi-scornful look and turned into the surgery after the large knight carrying its downed master.

    Bhren slumped down on the step at the door of the surgery. Somewhat bored, he started to think about all the things Adele had told him. He stared long and hard at the tome that he held in both hands, thinking to himself "Who would have thought an empty book could bring so much interest." Flipping through the mass of bound paper, his mouth dropped and his eyes widen... "WHAT THE FU..." The front couple of pages had inscriptions on them, some form of foreword or introduction maybe. Bhren's reading ability was poor but he could make out various words and symbols.

    Bhren went on to read of the dark and light matter and its existance in everything at the sub-atomic level. These concepts were lost to Bhren as he continued to struggle through the text. Something about three elementals and the books that contained their power. **...Adele never mentioned anything about other books...**

    The Elemental Books of Matter

    Elemental Of Dark Matter - Gravigon -
    Power of gravity,mass and compression

    Elemental Of Light Matter - Luminix -
    Power of anti-gravity,movement and repulsion

    Elemental of Neutral Matter - Nullifica -
    Power of supression and amplification

    The book goes on to say something about the unification of all three elementals and the words seem to just stop. Bhren flipping through the book page after page could see no more writing. With a huge grin on his face all Bhren could squeeze out was a "WHOA!!" Jumping to his feet, he ran into the surgery without looking running straight into the back of Vector knocking himself out cold. The book landing in his lap...

    ooc: sorry its been a while guys but I can post more often now i have time between classes. Let the fun begin

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    Mehigan watched as the group strolled away, nobody paying any attention to him except for the small boy and the groaning figure of Ogiratem groaning behind him, he was gently pawing at his masters ankle, Mehigan smirked and shook his head watching the group walk away.....they would pay for this. The young man who kept on throwing nervous glances back at the smirking wizard, Mehigan raised a well manicured hand and clicked two long fingers together, immediately his body disappeared, being replaced a breath later by another copy of himself, the copy was perfect, except that it wavered slightly when it first appeared.

    Mehigan peered down into the alleyway from the roof with an appreciative nod down at his creation. He brought his staff around and pointed the but of it down at Ogiratem and then pointed at the roof space that stood beside him. Ogiratem floated off the ground simply, as if he were nothing more then a grain of dust and landed with a soft thump on the tiled roof. Ogiratem went on moaning and holding at his mouth, Mehigan looked down at his employee with disgust, "Stop complaining you wimp, you deserved everything you received!"

    Mehigans staff came around hard and sharp and collected the large orc under the the staff came into contact with the orc's flesh, there was a brilliant flash off shining silver / blue light, Ogiratem was blown backwards and he slid for a brief distance, but when he stopped he stood as if nothing had happened and straightened his coat, "Thankyou master, that was nice, i am under your loyal command."

    "You better bloody hope so you hopeless follow me." Mehigans feet left the ground in a small puff of dust and grime billowing out around his heels, and he floated about 15 cm above the roof and moved slowly with his hands behind his back, Ogiratem followed him at a respectful distance, hands planted firmly in the pockets of his coat. As Mehigan levitated over the tiles of a shop they had just past onto, he let himself back down and he turned with a manic smile to his accomplice, "There in here...lets pay them a visit shall we?"

    He gestured towards Ogiratem to come closer, and suddenly with a look of shock on his face he slid with alarming speed over the slick tiles towards his master, when he was within arms reach he came to an abrupt stop and Mehigan clutched him swiftly by the shoulder and in a small thunderclap they both disappeared.

    In the back storeroom of the medical establishment below there was a partnering thunderclap and a strong gust of wind, out of which Ogiratem and Mehigan stepped out of. Not wasting any time Mehigan took long strides towards the door and threw it open, and pointed Ogiratem through before him, Mehigan waited for the Orc to slide himself through the door, his head was brushing on the rooftop.....then Mehigan walked in with the same large smile, he noted that the small boy was lying un-conscious on the floor, Mehigan smirked and looked down..." Hey, the doctor here mustn't be too flash! Look at this, people laying un-conscious on his floor, how un-sanitary!" Mehigan turned his nose up with the same smile on his face, "Now who missed me..."

    Mehigan looked around the room, the cheery grin that he had when he walked in quickly changed to a malicious smirk, deep within his eyes there appeared thick strands of lightning that quickly made its way out and licked his eyebrow's, he blinked and when he re-opened his eyes, the silver pupils that were in his eyes were replaced by a deep black that didn't seem to stop.......he took a step forwards and raised a hand....

    OOC: Sorry to take so long people...........i momentarily lost interest

    A fate worse than death is to be forgotten...

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    ooc: I wrote this in the library at school during study...I hope they don't snap me for inappropriate material...

    ic: Adele watched the young boy fall after colliding into the door. She was almost compelled to laugh at Bhren's ridiculous state as he knocked himself unconscious. The book fell limply to his side and Adele noticed that it let out a strange air. It wasn't anything similar to wind, but it felt heavy under her grasp as she picked it up. She was careful not to let it extend too face from him. The woman looked at it obliquely, with a slightly curious stare. Revealing the contents of its pages, the perplexity imminent upon her feminine features grew as she searched further into the old, crumbled tome. What she saw confused her enough and the frustration painted against her face grew with every second. The pages revealed...nothing and she had wondered why the boy made an outburst before falling ill to the wooden planks harbouring then entry into the doctors' surgery. Adele picked up his limp body in her arms and almost cradled him in, bringing Vespertine and Vector in tow.

    Inside the building was not better then the outside. Debris was scattered in all corners, plaster shook unstably from the age old ceiling and there were the incessant moans of the inhabitants within, poking and prodding at their injuries. Adele walked up confidently without hesistation into the doctor's office, dragging the drow elf and Bhren, who was now situated upon her shoulders. The doctor was a man not yet in his thirties with a pair of keen green eyes and a somewhat boyish face. He stopped in midsentence and stared at her in incredulous awe.

    "Adele, what brings you here? Now's not exactly a great time for me to be giving you free handouts." He said to her brashly, peering out of his dark rimmed glasses.

    "Doctor, please...I need your help. The boy is terribly ill. You must save him at all costs! He is 'The One'." She said fawning over him, with her eyes flitting over him dangerously.

    The doctor sighed helplessly screening his eys over her. "Do you really expect me to believe such a thing? I expected 'The One' to be a little more...spectacular in the least." His scepticism helped her to become enraged.

    "Do your doubt my judgment?" She inquired with a tone of dark intent.

    The handsome doctor stared at her in unemotional indifference. "No, but I know you're here for something else. What can I do for you? I have about 25 patients waiting outside and you want to flirt with me? Adele, I have better things to do. You wouldn't mind just taking a seat outside, would you? I'll come back to you soon." He said aside to the patient sitting weakly int the seat below Adele. He moved out slowly, grumbling something close to 'damn *****s...'

    The woman was suddenly unfazed by the doctors' change in heart. "He's getting to smart for me, I feel. Hmm, no matter." She stalked up to him in such a way that made him feel a little uncomfortable. Pushing up against him to bring him into a passionate embrace, she smiled sweetly into his fragrant eyes and pushed out his dark brown tresses away from his face.

    "Now doctor, it's not healthy to be pulling frowns. Remember that it takes 45 muscles to frown and only 14 to smile. Show me a little happiness, darling." Her face, lighting up with his feelings. With that she drew him in a little closer and brushed her lips against his. Before she was able to lean in upon her, she chuckled softly under her breath, looking down from his gaze.

    "I was wondering if, first of all, that you might have 'confiscated' anything for me and if you can tend to the wounds of the young boy and the woman over there." She said looking at Bhren's delicate frame draped, lifeless over a chair.

    The doctor looked at Adele ardently, running his hand through her hair. "Yes I have. And I will, but...the young woman might pose a problem." He said grimacing.

    Adele still embarrassed at the scene she was making, pulled away and shook him angrily by the shoulders. "Ares, I'm not going to allow you to keep your prejudices in my presence, she is a friend and I am asking for your assistance."

    "Very well. Here, I believe you need these. You were without them when you came into the office. Managed to swipe them from a devious fellow." He grinned as he reached into a drawer, pulling out a pair of fine daggers with near-new blades; both adorned with precious stones at the hilt and gifted them to her.

    "They're beautiful..." She marvelled at them for a time. "We...should however, work fast as there is little time. If an orc or a strange elf comd looking for me, you must re-direct them after I leave."

    His eyes fell and his voice wavered minutely, "Will you come back?" He asked.

    Adele smiled wanly, "I hope to... Please help us, we need everything we can get."

    ooc: Sorry, bit long. But okay, darlings, Dr. Ares Castle is an NPC. Use him as you wish. I'm not going to tell you their relationship, as it's really up to you how you how you interpret it. Don't really know if he can fight, but he's a doctor ^_^;; Then, I want to use him. Yeah, NPC's are SO versatile. :woot:
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    Mehigan raised his extended arm lifting up the unconcious boy with his gift of thought. As he manipulated the boy in mid-air, the other crippled and sick "waitee's" looked on with open-mouthed gazes. Mehigan dragged the boy closer to his now sinister looking face and as the unconscious boy's head rolled back, Mehigan clenched his teeth in anger. The boy was just another mere peasant looking for aid. With great angst Mehigan slammed the limp boy into the opposite wall. All the patients got up running in a panic for the exit.

    Down the corridor, in Ares surgery a large thud with a crash could be heard followed by multiple panicked screams. All the inhabitant of the surgery snapped their head to the door...
    Adele rasping under her breathe "Damn it... he's here already"

    Bhren groaned a little as he came too. As his eyes flickered, the chair he was slumped over slowly slid from underneath him as he lost his balance in his groggy state. The large tome coincidently slid from his lap and did a couple of cartwheels towards the other side of the surgery. Adele bringing her attention back to Bhren, noticed in disbelief as the book slowly edged its way away from its small guardian. As she let out an "Oh CRAP", she could see Bhren eyes start to roll and darken. The floor below Bhrens feet started to moan under his feet as his increasing mass began to set in.

    With what seemed to be reflex, Adele dived across the room snatching the book off the floor and flicking it at Bhren. With awesome precision the book found its mark, smacking Bhren in the head. "Frickin OOOWWWWWW... what was that for" Bhren, at the top of his lungs. Picking the book up from his feet, Bhren rubbed his now very sore head, furiously. In mocking tone Bhren started "Geee... nice to see your alright BHREN, are you ok BHREN, let me help you by throwing this oversized book at your head BHREN!!! gggrrrrrrrrr"

    Shaking her head at him, Adele knew they had to move, "We need to go and quick" Bhren staring at her with a stern but pouty look, "What?!? My head is killing me, i dont wanna go anywhere. Anyway you should hear about the book fir.."
    "No time Bhren darling, we have problems to tend to first, two very large problems"

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    "Oh hell...why? Wait! Ares!"

    "Adele, you should leave..."

    She bit her lip tightly, still gripping onto Bhren's hand. "I can't...promise me that you wont fall ill before I get back."

    He nodded solemnly, "I'll try, goodbye."

    "Ares..." She trailed off suddenly pulling him into a tight embrace and kissed him firmly upon his lips before running out with the three others.

    Out in the waiting room the tall figure of the elf made a grandoise entrance and chaos ran a-brew through the entire space, screaming. The piercing shrill was interrupted with arrogant laughter.

    "Now who missed me..."

    "Frankly, my dear, I wished that you didn't come at all. You shan't re-possess it from him! If you want it you shall have to catch me for it. Think you're quick enough, lightning-boy? Would of thought that it'd shocked you when it had the chance, considering how washed out you are. Fight me, catch me, however you can, but you wont get what you're looking for."
    "Water is put it in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. There can only be one thing. 'Be like water'" - Bruce Lee

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    Mehigan raised an eyebrow at the young girl as she proudly marched out of the 'doctor's office' and seemed to challenge him to a race of some kind? She then turned with a cheeky smile taking off out the door, Mehigan shook his head and took a step forward as the girl made a hasty retreat out the door, his body disappeared in a flourish of his fingers and he appeared directly in front of Adele. She looked up at him just in time to see him nod at her, she was picked up off the ground as if a feather in the wind and was thrown along the ground, but mere millimetres before she crashed heavily into the ground, Mehigan tipped his head again and she shot up high into the sky, her body slowly turning back towards the doctors office.

    Mehigan screamed out over the hubbub that had flown out from the medicine man's shop after his arrival, "Ogiratem get your lard-ass out here now!" Nearly instantly the large Orc poked his head from the, "Fool! Look Up! And catch!" Mehigan screamed his orders at the sad-looking Orc, as he dashed out and caught the falling girl as softly as possible.

    Mehigan appeared next to the orc, "Put her down..." the orc grudgingly put her on the ground and Mehigan bent down and smiled at her, "My dear, my dear, my dear, what makes you think i am going to let you go just when we were starting to get aquainted. Now follow me..." saying it as if it was just a pure fact Mehigan walked in through the door, Adele rising off the ground with a look of shock on her face floated after Mehigan.

    Mehigan strided into the office of the doctors practice and looked around until he saw what he searched for, the young boy sat in the corner with his hands around his knees, he looked up at Mehigan with a look of fear, Mehigan bowed down at him. "Hello my little friend, well it seems that you don't wish to be my rude of all of you! But how would you just like to give me that nice little book that you've got? Now..." Mehigan raised a well peticured hand to his chin and started to scratch it industriously with two long fingers, "I think it may be MY turn to make a deal, no more running away, and no more complaining, AND the good thing is! Your going to tell me exactly how to get this nice little book off the fine young body of our mutual friend here...."

    "Yeah good luck you fool! What honestly makes you think we would tell you?

    Mehigan laughed bringing the floating body around to his front, and smiled happily into the face of Adele, "This is why!" There was a vicious howl of pain from the foyer of the office and the still, floating figure of Ares came into the room...."You will tell me, or i will remove one limb from this nice man here for every minute you don't tell me? How is that? Is that acceptable to you my dear?" Mehigan raised a hand and spun one finger around in a tight circle, soon after a small circle of mist started to spin around the doctor's feet, before swiftly growing and spreading over his entire body. Instantly his body went into a throu of pain and he let out a loud, long scream of pain, "It burns! Help me!" , Mehigan laughed again happily, his face showig every sign of merriment.

    A fate worse than death is to be forgotten...

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    Bhren quivered from the screams of Doc Ares... the pain he felt through the screams was intense. Holding his ears Bhren tried to yell over the top of the bloodcurling screams... "wait.... WAIT!!... WWAAAAAAAIIITTTTT!!!" Ares dropped to the ground and huddled into a fetal position moaning in agony. Mehigan turned to the boy with a curious frown.

    "Is there something you wanted to say my little friend?"

    "Y..y..yes there is" Bhren raised to his feet slowly. "The book... you can have it" Adele quick to retort "No, Bhren!!"
    "Its OK, Adele... let him have it, its better than all this suffering"
    With that, Bhren threw the book to Mehigan. Mehigan eyes lit up, finally he had the book. "See that wasn't so hard... all this fuss for nothing, HAHHAHA!!!" The little wizard was so estatic he failed to noticed Adele grabbing Ares and signalling to Vespertine and Vector, to get out.

    Ogiratem, in a slight panic, was tapping the floating Mehigan on the foot. "uuhhh sir... sir, i think we should run like the others" Mehigan paying little attention, brushed Ogiratem off with a sweeping hand sending him crashing into the wall. Picking himself, Ogiratem shaking his senses back into his head, got up and made a hasty exit.

    "oh yoohoo... there's something you should know..." the small boy huskily wincing out from the other side of the room. Mehigan giving a small glance over the tome towards the boy, noticed there was something different about him. Bhren eyes now sizzling out black fumes... "Give me BACK THE BOOK... PLEEEEEASE!!!!!" Mehigan letting off a little chuckle "Begging doesn't become you"

    In an instant the entire of Doc Ares Surgery popped like a detergent bubble. The small boy falling a few feet into the ground, the impact causing a cloud of dust which seemed to sudden be sucked back into Bhren like a vaccuum cleaner. Meanwhile Mehigan continued to hover in his spot now with a semi-constipated look on his face. G-Bhren looked up at the wizard and with cyclonic force yelled "THE BOOK....". An energy started to amass around the boy's body, so powerful light could hardly escape it's draw. Mehigan watching in awe, decided maybe fleeing could be a wise option after all.

    Deciding to take this boy a little more serious, Mehigan shot into air with shattering speed with his new found treasure in hand. G-Bhren now hightenedly peeved, rapidly charged up. As he launched a large matter sphere at the fleeing warlock, the earth around G-Bhren ripped as rock spires tore from the ground. Nearby houses were shuffled, scattered and torn by the force. The dark ball screamed through the sky toward Mehigan... the flying sorceror looked back at the deafening roar which was the sphere. Zigzagging across the sky, the black sphere seemed to follow... Mehigan stepped up his speed but the sphere matched his velocity baring ever closer to him.

    When the ball was within 5 metres it swelled and then with a crack, it sounded like the very sun had exploded from the sky. The initial swelling pushed Mehigan far across the sky before the intense force sucked him toward the vortex of the implosion. Summoning all his power Mehigan tried to escape the rift but was slowly losing ground... articles of clothing slowly tearing away from his body. The book was too much much of a burden to hold and was lost in the dark matter hole. Without warning the compressive force stopped and there was calm. A livid Mehigan floated in the still air, breathing heavy and looking war torn but happy to be alive.

    Back on the ground, Bhren crawled out from the peaks of rock formed in the middle of the town. Book in hand, he yelled out for Adele.

    ooc: sorry lukey... sort of took control of Mehigan for a bit... but you can't win them all

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    Vespertine was awoken by the frantic shakings courtesy of Vector. She tried to sit up from the bed she had mysteriously appeared at, but was still too tired from strange ordeal. Vector quickly slipped her a dark red potion which she greedily drank. In an instant, the mysterious lethargy that was plaguing her was lifted. She sprung to her feet and gave her arms and legs a wave to see if she was alright. To her relief, nothing appeared to be missing or broken. In the middle of her examinations, Vector quickly pulled her aside.

    "We have to go, something bad is about to happen. Adele knows it." sternly churned Vector from behind his grill-like visor.
    "If it's a fight, then i'm in!" Vespertine eagerly replied.
    She was shaking with excitement, the opportunity for some hostilities already erasing her short term memory. Vector decided that a fight was the last thing they needed however, and shifted into a cage with two stout legs. He swallowed up Vespertine as fast he could and quickly raced out of the building, with Vespertine angrily kicking and trying to force herself out of the bars. When he had reached a safe distance, Vespertine spat out the raging dark-elf and resumed the shape of a duelist's foil. Vespertine angrily snatched up the blade and growled as she watched the surgery implode on itself.

    "Look what you made me miss out on. It'll take another crazy weirdo to do that again." she hissed as she slowly trod toward the crater. The blade gave off a faint sigh and shone a hazy red colour. As the dark-elf was about to turn around, she observed the form of a bedraggled floating man above the ruins. With a sinister glint in her eyes, she started a gentle canter toward his position.
    "We might just have our weirdo..."
    "It's easier to stab someone in the back than it is to look them in the eyes.

    Society is built upon this principle, and it is universal amongst those who rule..."

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