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Thread: The World's Paradox (Role-Play)

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    ooc: ...okay, well since no one really regards what I say in an email, since NO ONE seems to get them. Then I will lay two rules here. Um, taken directly from bakaneko, credits to Psi :) since he wrote them.

    Spamming a thread: Any and all role-playing not in context, often taking place between only two members, and which ignores the original storyline. Usually this happens when the GC has abandoned the RP, or due to the great amount of off story posting/force-posting by a few characters, the RP itself is damaged beyond redemption.

    Force-posting: Perhaps one of the most annoying traits in a player, force-posting happens when one person posts actions for another player's character, or alters the storyline in a way to best suit their needs, with little or no regard to the GC's instructions. Such offences may result in a warning from a moderator, and in extreme cases, expulsion from a RP or even the forum.

    (Okay, *****ing start)
    GC is game creator I'm assuming, no mods, but...well I guess I'm pretty much the mod and the game creator. Just to let you know. I feel this sushi bar thing is leaning toward thread spamming, only because it has no body or flavour to the storyline, apart from the fact that the chef is an erratic fool that attacks with a plastic fork, has a reluctant sidekick and is trying to take possession of other players.

    Of course, open violence:

    Originally posted by Wildwind
    Zanath smiled at him, kicked him in the groin and ran for the city gates, and into the crowd gathered around there.
    Should be expected when someone force posts. Force posting in my opinion isn't bad, but some people just get niggly about it and THAT annoys me. So, I just try to avoid it any way I can. Force posting usually only gets worse in time and leads to disgruntled members and uncommited players. Just be careful as it's getting a rough feel. I wont point players out directly, but well, you can understand where I'm coming from when you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you can't help but feel defeated as other players do things you don't approve of. Be watchful in the future.

    One last thing. Details are important, if needs be I will make important things in bold to avoid confusion, to help, write so that you show not tell what it happening. Better results come from more descripitive writing, like a novel.

    I am being restrictive now as I realise that being so lenient in my judgments has caused players to take advantage of me, despite warnings. Sorry for being long winded, but I need fair play, not a read where amusement ails me. Carry on, anything that troubles you or something you don't really agree with here, private message me instead of posting it here.
    (*****ing over, carry on...)
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    Giladril approached the gates and noticed someone had been kind enough to open them. Those gates had brought back memories, he could remember being here before, 150 years or so ago, he had had to open the gates himself on that occasion on his way out of the city. The hinges had seemed quite rusted up back then and had required quite an effort, and then there was that army that had flooded in passed him… ahh the memories.
    As he stepped over a scattering of bodies inside the entrance he surveyed the town. The well built but heavily weathered houses, the scattered remains of an inn with an ork standing in the middle of it, a dead clown lying face down in a pool of blood with a fork protruding from his… rear… and a strange looking zombie standing arguing with a small blue haired girl. This might be quite a good place to rest for a while.
    Deciding that the zombie and the girl held the most interest Giladril positioned himself for a good view, sitting a couple of meters away on a convenient body of plate armour.
    As he studied the zombie close he noticed something… the elves blood began to boil, it wasn’t a zombie! It was a Skeleton!! Whats more a skeleton that looked like a zombie!!! Giladril hated skeletons with a vengeance, he considered destroying the thing right here and now, he had no doubt that his sword point could pick apart every contaminated bone in that decadent body before the owner felt a thing (from experience of no skeleton ever complaining). No he knew better ways of bringing agony to these filthy skeletons.
    So Giladril sat and stared at the thing.
    …you have to smash a jar of acid inside the mixture. The acid soaks into it, and then – kablooie, I believe the term is…

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    Chasing after the large man, "Walk?!! walk to where? and LONG... i don't like the sounds of that" Bhren catching up to the mammoth, starts to tug on his clothes. "So where are we going, huh?" Continuing to walk, Ogiratem glanced down at the boy and in his silence continued to walk. Not getting the answers he wanted, Bhren stopped in a huff. "Come on, tell me where we're GOing!!"

    At the end of his sentence, in a cross alley he saw a small creature in the distance. Squinting, trying to improve his focus Bhren finally made out the figure. THE IMP.

    "YOU *******!!!" Bhren yelling at the top of his lungs. The imp going through his personal affects looks up to see Bhren running full steam right at him. Gathering up his stuff quickly into his sack, the Imp looks left then right in a panic. Bhren blocking off his only escape, the imp had no choice but to run straight back at him. The imp in a flurry closed his eyes just before his impact with Bhren. **KKRRRAAAAAAAKKKKKK**

    Bhren with an almight kick, punted the imp across the alley floor. The imp totally stunned and barely conscious tried to get on his feet. Bhren still in a rage ran up to the imp and proceeded to beat him down with the very book the imp had essentially cursed him with. Suddenly Bhren felt a massive hand pick him off the ground by his shirt. "I don't want you hurting that book" says Ogiratem in a gruff voice.

    "NOOO... put me down, PUT ME DOWN!!!!"
    The imp gathering himself up, managed to run off with wobbly legs and most of his possessions.
    "Damn it monster, let me GO!!!"

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    dodging throught the fighting bandits and corpses of the city gaurd Zanath peaked backwards trying to see if that weirdo chef was following him. And cannoned into a large cloacked figure and a small girl knoking them all to the ground.
    "oh sorry sir/ madam" he said in a recalitrant tone as he leaped nimbily back to his feet and began to help the big guy in the cloak back up, " wow you know youre really thin sir, you should probably eat more, I know this great sushi place just up the street but the chefs a little crazy and theres this great inn over there" he gestured to the now vacant site of the inn.
    Zanath kept nattering on as Araduun stood up and glared at him as zanath patted him down and brushed the dust off his cloak "well sir i think your OK so if youll make nothing of this little incident Ill just be on my way" and before anybody could repy he slipped off into the crowd.
    looking down at his hands Zanath swore, the guy hadint had much to pickpoket and what he had wasint worth much. Zanath had only gotten a human femur and some ribs, he already had plenty of those and didint need more.
    standing up on a nearby body he heaved the bones into the air in the vauge direction of the cowled man and dissapeared into the crowd.
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    ooc: ok, im sorry mel for saying that your character sounded like a child, malakai hasn't exactly had much contact with children, so he wouldn't really know one if he heard them. Secondly (sigh) Sean, i just figured that since your character was undead that he was a zombie (too many horror movies).

    ic: Malakai rolled to the side and hid beneath a corpse while the blue haired woman TALKED!?! to the undead thing. Malakai hadn't heard anyone so eager to talk with the dead for a long time. Slowly picking himself up and punching one bandits, who went down and wisely stayed down, he cautiously stepped away from the armored SKELETON and faded into the shadows.

    Malakai turned and headed for a nearby alley, when he noticed a strange figure sitting on a pile of armor. The new comer was tall and stared intently at the the woman and skeleton, his hand resting on his sword.

    Realising that he had no chance of beating the undead fiend alone, Malakai decided to wait and see if the elf would do anything.

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    Originally posted by Holliss The well built but heavily weathered houses, the scattered remains of an inn with an ork standing in the middle of it, a dead clown lying face down in a pool of blood with a fork protruding from his… rear… and a strange looking zombie standing arguing with a small blue haired girl.
    I literally laughed my tooshie off when I read that, good one :P
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    How quickly the world changed.....what a few moments ago had been a chaotic, yet well-meaning brawl had become a confused mess. In the background the fighting still raged on, although what hope the pitiful guard had of resisting such numbers was unimaginable to the skeletal figure who rose back to his towering height, somewhat bemused by the antics of the babbling fool a few moments earlier. His cloak, now soiled and torn, hung limply from his shoulders, no longer draped across his carapace. With the hood flung back it was easy to make out his features, the sun casting shadows from a bony brow and glistening from the hardened edges. But the deep black of the armour attracted all attention from a viewer, that inky nothingness that absorbed the vision and swam in front of the eyes. The wearer of this mystical plate stood still, unmoving as he contemplated the sights around the periphery of his un-seeing sight he made out the crawling figure of the would-be hero who had challenged him before with such immediate consequences...........whatever the incompetent fool that had tackled him before was, it had disappeared......and there, still waiting and watching with an eerie interest was the unusual, blue-haired girl.

    Araduun studied her closer, noting the surreal nature of the flowing locks, blue as the ocean's depths - the deep brown eyes and thin, yet not emaciated features of her face. Yes, she might be considered beautiful, but such discernment had long since faded from the dead man's mind. He felt a faint amusement at her naive behaviour, for the unliving feel little, but she had peaked his curiousity, at least for the moment. Leaning his sword on its point, and mainting viligance on the conflict around him, he uttered one of the longest phrases he had in decades:
    "My appearance should tell you what there is to know about me: I once lived, like you do, as a human..."
    His tone grew sharp "but that was long ago. I am DEAD, bound to these bones and this armour, my soul torn, and now belongs to another. I come and go where I will, following fortune, whim or death....for I have much to give back..."
    Deep in his empty sockets, flames of vengeance flared, then died, shadowed over again with desolation. The massive shoulders sagged, hunching his figure and shadowing his intent listener. Looking at the now rampant devastation that had beseiged the town, he continued, his voice coming out quieter and less fierce than before - "but I tire of this fight, pointless as it is...there is nothing left here but blood and death, of which I have had my share."
    Amongst the destruction he caught sight of a tall, lordly figure, plae and thin yet strong, seated atop a fallen being. Its expression was creased with anger, hatred...but the elf had yet to make a move. Araduun, for his part, had lost all interest in conflict, and the great sword lay dormant in his mighty fist. He swiveled his skull back to fix upon the petite figure before him as he said "but I have talked too long I believe you have your own explanation to give..."
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    ooc : not sure i explained it correctly but the femur and ribs that Zanath grabbed were Araduuns actual femur and ribs so they are now lying on the ground and araduun should have some problems standing up

    ic : after a short sprint away from the scean of the crime Zanath stopped. and looked around. and finally noticed he was missing out on a perfectly good battle. so reaching into his pouch, which cooperated for once and gave him a short sword and a rather nasty dagger.
    Then with a loud battlecry of "SPOON" he lept onto the nearest fighter.
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    The young man quickly ran after Ogiratem, panting as he came, "Walk?!! walk to where? and LONG... i don't like the sounds of that! So where are we going, huh? Come on, tell me where we're GOing!!", Ogiratem turned his head and looked down at the young human and was preparing an explanation when he noticed that he was staring off into the distance....somewhere up the alley in front of them, Ogiratem turned back and noticed a small imp that sat in the middle of the road not 30 metres away, it seemed to be fiddling with some kind of blade....strange, now what could this boy be so interested in a mindless imp for?

    Ogiratem turned to ask but as he opened his mouth the young man ran off at full speed screaming profanities at the top of his lungs, Ogiratem clasped both hands behind his back and shook his head following the boy, as he followed his path around a corner he noticed the human raise the book in anger and start to beat the imp with it (in-between kicks of course), with a raised eye-brow Ogiratem extended one hand and placed it firmly on the boys shoulder lifting him like feather off the ground, "Please young master i advise you NOT to do that! I don't want you hurting that book young one...." Ogiratem recevied a mighty kick in the shins as he started to place the young mortal on the ground as he yelled and struggled, behind his glasses his eyes flinched slightly...."I understand that you OBVIOUSLY have some sort of grudge against this little being, but you mustn't use THAT book as a bludgen weapon sir, remember the inn?" Ogiratem waited for the hesitant nod that the boy gave and then lowered his glasses and looked down at him, "Well THAT was simply the merest of warm-ups of what this book can do, now unless you want to be nothing more then ****oroach food, i suggest not using that book as you did..."

    Straightening his back and raising his hands to his chest he proceeded to pat around his body, checking all the inner pockets of his coat, and with a nod he reached in through his collar and withdrew a small dagger to his large hand and passed it down to the young boy who held it like the heaviest of swords in both hands with the book clasped tightly under one arm-pit, Ogiratem shook his head a faced forwards, "Keep that close! If you ever have any more NOT keep it anywhere near your skin and don't even ATTEMPT to touch the steel....this is a warning, it will slice the limp that you 'attempt' to touch it with clean off...." With that grim warning he suddenly started to stride off with a motion of his hand for his 'companion' to follow him.

    As they neared the end of the alley-way they were walking on they seemed to come to an opening that led to the gates....well where they HAD stood at all that remained was a large dust pile that circled the fallen gates in about a 25 metre diametre at all points, Ogiratem tipped his head in appreciation, that HAD to be the work of either quite strong explosives or one of those new tanks that all the armies seemed to be 'acquiring'...amazing pieces of machinery! Ogiratem prepared to step out when the sound of talking arose to his right, he held himself firm and took a quick look around the corner...he was taken aback by the amount of corpses that lay strewn on the ground....some wore ridiculous clothing of hopeless seem-work, but others were wearing plain securi-corp uniforms....strange clothing to be worn by those on a battle field.

    His eyes continued over the field, lined on both sides by elegant (but 'worn' houses of this city), a battle like this in a civilian place, how appaling! On top of the mayhem, which was even worse was that certain people were STILL fighting! He shook his head as he looked around at the running and screaming innocent's, and burly fools with ridiculous weapons running after them with manic smiles, how pathetic! In the midst of the mayhem there seemed to be a small group that didn't appear to be interested in the fighting what-so-ever, a girl...looked in her early 20's and tall being, wearing....expensive armour stood proudly beside her, one of the people from the group ran off hurriedly into the crowd, a moments later a few objects fell from the sky and bounced along the ground, rebounding from the girl with astounding blue hair, legs.

    Wait a moment! Blue hair? In Sudridge? He reached through a gap in his coat on his chest and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, and with an astonished sound escaping his lips he looked back over to where the young girl stood, "I certainly am puzzled as to why Ms. O'Darian is standing in the middle of a fight having a leisurely chat whilst her very own establishment has fallen to ruin behind her! Let alone the fact that a family heirloome just walked out right under her nose....the mission DID mention she was careless, but i didn't think it would extend as far as this! immature of our young maiden." Ogiratem shook his head and turned to raise a hand to his young follower, but to his dismay he wasn't there!

    Ogiratem sighed loudly and looked around, his boredom quickly turning to horror when he noticed the boy wandering out past the building right into the melee...Ogiratem gritted his teeth and growled rushing out after him....

    A fate worse than death is to be forgotten...

    **slaps ollie, birdkiller and beefy and synthetic with the pipe from a vacuum cleaner, before unleashing his trained penguins to finish them**

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    The words as she tried to speak them, died upon her lips before they made a sound. Adele was bemused at this apparent soul-less figure which stood proudly before her. His voice icy, yet unfeeling...reminiscent of the dark armour clad upon him. She spoke simply when she managed to find her voice.

    "Araduun, like history; the soul is never completely buried. For it always is it that someone as 'dead' as you say can live? In a place like this no one cares who you are, or what you do. But you, yourself never forget, nor is it possible to lose the gift of being yourself. Besides, you're being so very vague it's hard for me to understand you." She answered with a pretty smile.

    "What can I say for myself? Hah, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. I'm a hell of a lot older then you are. Though, I still live..." Adele trailed off softly and refused to say more implying it with a cold shoulder.

    She shifted away from the shady visitor and thought quickly upon her feet to change the subject. "There is an ancient prophecy, are you aware of it?"

    Her question was rather distractedly asked, watching yet another figure sit watching the pair from afar. Before she could turn around again, she witnessed Araduun's body fall to pieces on the ground. An unknown raider ran off with a few of his bones laughing hideously then a cry.


    Adele raised an eyebrow with a sarcastic glare. "...the hell?!"

    Her curiousity suddenly cut off as the conversation she had tumbled down. (pardon the pun) It was hard to see amongst the calamity of the streets. Perhaps catching her off-guard was that the inn/bar previously holding her heart and her possessions lying in a sorry heap with rising dust which dispersed itself openly as if to dance.

    The sight tore at her heart, she remained frozen for only a moment. Anger welled deep within her, feeling the heat rise from her stomach she yelled out reaching for the nearest person. Adele collapsed weakly under her guilt and cried upon their shoulder, not attempting to supress her shattered heart.

    "Oh, what have I done?"

    ooc: Enter "The Creator..."
    "Water is put it in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. There can only be one thing. 'Be like water'" - Bruce Lee

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