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Thread: The World's Paradox (Role-Play)

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    Zanath pushed open the doors of the mountain king and dramaticaly steped into the bar. The patrons ignored him. Then the door bounced of the walls and knocked into him.
    He picked himself up and still grinning walked over to the bar were several others were already siting, including a bodyless suit of armour. Zanath wondered for a moment how that managed to keep any liquor down then ignored it. His eyes wandered to the bar tender who he waved at.
    The barkeep wandered over wiping a glass with a rather dirty rag. then froze "oh gods no not you again!" he gasped.
    "yep its me all right" Zanath was unperturbed he got this a lot "weres that great drink you had last time?"
    " you know full well that wasint any drink i keep on tap. somehow you managed to spike a whole barrel of my finest brew" he grimaced "had to throw the lot".
    Zanaths face fell "Oh, well in that case ill have your finest brew".
    The bartender made a face but served him making very sure Zanaths hands went no where near the barrels.
    Zanath smiled as he was served then turned away sureptiously reaching into his pouch for a small pinch of dust. which he sprinkled on the drink. "bottoms up!" he said and chugged the glass.
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    Noisy drunkeness filled the air, the confined space filled with the stench of unclean bodies and the reak of alcoholic beverages that hadn't quite made their way to the victims' mouth. The murky and rather debatable atmosphere hid shady, fuzzy figures in its interior, but crept away from three shapes occupying stools at the bar. One was a tall elegant elf, with flowing white hair; the central one a smaller figure fiddling with a plastic fork; and sitting to the right, a strange motionless character dressed in deep black gothic armour, covering his figure from head to toe.

    Araduun gazed at sitting next to him, who it appeared had drunk so much alcohol that it was almost oozing from his skin. He was screaming unintelligable things at the bartender, (who had just grudgingly slid him another drink) while the elf seemed surprisingly interested in the phrase UNDEAD that had slipped from his lips........."undead, you say?"
    That voice!! It was the same that had gloated over Araduun's fallen bones, and posed such a ridiculous riddle about fish. He seemed to have a grudge against the undead, or at least skeletons like Araduun's former incarnation. Well, there was no need to be shapist about it! This was the MODERN world after all...But there WAS something that the post-skeleton had to tell him...what was it? His memory seemed to be slipping.....oh well, time for a drink.

    "BARKEEP!!" he bellowed in his best coffin-wrenching voice. The Bartender floated over to him automatically at the summons, the phrase "Your pleasure, sir?" dying on his lips as he surveyed his patron. "ummm..." he stammered, trying for some words to describe what he saw - "you're, ahh.....umm....are u sure u don't have any......neck......face......body......"
    He trailed off beneath the animated suit of armour's horridly non-existant gaze.

    "Just gimme a drink" it rumbled.
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    Malakai entered the bar and immediatly noticed the antogonists from the earlier brawl. There was the elven guy who asked the stupid riddle, the empty suit of armor, HAM, and the spoon... thing (Malakai wasn't sure what race that dude was), other life forms of surprising variety filled the tables. Malakai strode through the crowd to sit as far away as possible from ham, which happened to be rather close to the former skeleton.

    As he sat down next to the suit he took a casual glance towards ham and the skeleton, to his amazement the former skeleton was, for lack of a better word, DRINKING? Ham, as usual had several glass of "the hard stuff" in front of him, mainly empty. Malakai simply spoke in a quiet voice "the usual", seconds later the barkeep had slid a tumbler of clear liquid in front of Malakai, it fizzed violently as it corroded the sides of the tumbler. Malakai simply downed it in one swallow.

    Malakai liked his drinks strong.

    He decided to at least try and be sociable to the armor next to him (the fight was over after all), "now why'd you have to go and knock down the gates like that?", he asked.

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    dammit forgot my profile hadint been posted, since mellissa seems disinclined to put it on her website ill post it here

    name: Zanath (male)

    race: seems human- kinda hard to be sure

    apperance: A thin wiry boy with spiky red hair and tanned skin. has various missmatched peices of armor and ragged and frayed clothes. large puch around his waist and a sword scabard on his back( usually empty he loses his sword a lot)

    age: unknown he lost track a couple of centuries ago but he looks like a 16 year old

    class: zanath has been most classes at one point or another in his life but rarely remains in one class for more than a fortnight and forgets most of what he learned after a month- thus he can learn news skills faster but losses older ones in the process

    alignment: chaotic neutral zanaths actions are completly random and are not motiveated by anything other than childish curiosity although he prefers the underdog side this is not extremely consistent

    ablities: zanath knew alot of abalites but has forgoten most of them currently he knows, burning fists (spell) axe throwing, and a rather noisy woppey cusion type spell

    possesions: Zanath has a lot of possesions gained over centuries of traveling however all of these are in a pouch he wears at his waist that leads to a small poket dimesion, the pouch however has become semi sentient and resentful over the years and never gives zanath anything he wants or need.

    personality: like that of a child zanath is full of curiosity and interest in the world around him but has no sense of self preservation what so ever - if you hear him say oops its probably a good idea to start running

    background: Zanath was a adventursome kid who found his way in to the lair of a rather powerful wizard and upset some experiments, the wizard was pissed and 'cursed' him to wander the world unchanging and not growing up zanath rather liked the idea of this and thanked the wizard profusly before wandering off to begin his adventures

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    Giladril sat with mounting frustration as more and more people entered the bar. he could see that he was going to have to move else where to finish his glass of water in peace.
    Suddenly a word leaped out of the air, "UNDEAD".
    The deep lined face of the elf turned sharply towards the figure that had just uttered the filthy word.
    "Undead you say..."
    "I seem to be having incredible luck with running into those disgusting creatures in this town"
    "Where can i find these undead, I would very much like to... level a dispute with them..."

    Before the fork endowed figure could reply Giladril swivelled in on his stool gazing through the refigured armour. "You there! I'm still waiting for an answer, do not try my patience."

    The elfs attention refocussed on the fork.
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    Origatem received another sturdy kick in the shins as he put the young man on the ground in front of the girl, Origatem was preparing a hard backhand for the dis-respectful fool when he noticed that the boy was having the same looks pass over his face as before, Orgiatem was prepared this time, when the little one ran off screaming prophentities at the small imp that stood innocently across the square........Origatem whipped out a large hand and clamped it on the boys shoulder, lifting him off the ground, the boy thrashed madly, and then something happened that made Origatem nearly loose control, he raised both eyebrows as he watched the book fly out of the boy's hand, "SHIIIIII...."

    Origatem wasn't quick enough to drop the young one and his arms were nearly pulled from their sockets as the boys weight at least increased tenfold, Origatem watched as the boy's eye's glowed a dark crimson and he let out a roar that seemed to old to be coming from his mouth, both hands raised and a ball comprised of the blackest material Origatem had ever seen appeared there, it grew and grew, without stop, Orgiatem calmly turned and walked to the corner of a nearby house and sunk his claws in deep into the brick work and crouched to hold himself in place, there was a deafening hiss that seemed to erupt all at once from the ball in the boys hands and Origatems legs were ripped from the ground and he screamed as he was pulled and tore, his coat ripping to shreds, his fingers cracking against the hard concrete.

    The boy let the energy fly, it flew into the sky, sucking everything in its path into its dark body, destroying and crushing anything that entered its surface, it flew and crushed iteself into the plate that was the previous gate of the strong citythe gate was pulled from the ground in its entirerity, there was a slow crush quickly followed by a greating explosion as the hard material gave way and it shattered into a thousand pieces, and then there was nothing.....the ball that had once been there faded into nothing, the explosion of the gate throwing the book far into the air and landing in the out stretched hand of the boy.

    Origatem looked around quickly, pulling his hands from the masonary, and looking down at his dishevled coat,.....he patted a patch of material that was still there on his shoulder, whispering something under his breath in a rolling tongue, the wind around him formed a quietly sighing vortex and when the dust had cleared from around his body, he looked down with a quick smirk, this fabric was amazing stuff.....he heard the small croaking voice of the boy roll over him as he finished looking at his 'new' coat, "Hey Oggy, you just going to stand there, GET ME OUT!!".

    Origatem glared across at the boy that was by now knee deep in the ground and stomped over to where he was stuck, reaching down and grabbing a roll of his clothing in a fist pressed to his chest, "You stupid fool! How could you do something so stupid? Have you learnt nothing from what i told you before?" Origatem raised a hand and struck the boy hard across the hard of the face, and then pushed him backwards through the hard ground, no matter what he said and then pulled him upwards, holding him in one strong hand far up in the air, "If you do anything to endanger that book, or me ever again....i will kill you, understand me?" Origatem lowered the boy slightly and hit him again (not so hard this time) and then threw him to the ground, letting him slide along the ground in a hump.

    Origatem paid no heed to the boy as he started to sob quietly to himself, he merely pointed one finger down at him and growled at the girl, "Well can you fix our problem?"

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    Ham, giggling drunk, propped himself up against the bar and talked intently as if the entire bar was listening, "Oh yeshhhh,. Undead.. I heeer they likes to live in big scary towershhh and I haf to go to the big tower.... So I don't get killed anymoresh, I mean so the men won't try to kills me anymore..." Ham showed the elf the assassin's weapon, "Wanna come???"
    Ham waited for an answer,...
    "Hold on..." Ham interrupted, with a great heave, Ham threw up into a spitoon next to him,
    "Hey,.. I found some treasure!" Ham reached into the spitoon and pulled out a silver coin, "wow, it's my lucky day!, King! Get me another drink!" Ham tossed the putrid coin onto the bar counter,.. King arrived with another drink,.. He looked carefully at the slimy coin and thought carefully,.... "Erm,. Keep it."

    Ham turned back towards the elf, "So, you were shayinggg?"
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    Ten gargantuan ogres lined up on a tiny dark elven woman, slowly waving their solid greatclubs through the air. They sneered down and gave off grunts of confusion as to why the young miss was daring to challenge them with her bizzare garb and tiny foil, but not being too discriminating in who they killed, the foul men advanced. The forest around them began to buzz with excitement as it's overlords thundered to the fight, the earth shaking with each step and wind gusting with each breath. As they closed the distance to 30 metres ahead of her, the stranger made her move. Whipping her blade to her side, he leaned forward and made a deadly dash towards the center brute. Hoping to flatten her with a quick swipe downward, the ponderous giant brought down his cudgel with terrific force, but the girl was to quick, for she had already darted between his legs and readied herself for the kicker. While the huge beast was yanking out his club from the ground, she had made a magnificent leap into the burning skies, quickly drew out her vorpal blade, and dropped on top of the beast, blade first. The silvery metal of the foil radiated a dark blue and released reckless tendrils of glowing electric energy through the body of the corpulent titan. Black smoke arose from the chasm the blade had left in the brute's skull and it's eyes had begun to dribble from their sockets, onto the charred flesh below. It's balance began to falter and tipped forwards. The other ogres, who were only now beginning to realize the death of their friend, tried to keep his cadavre aloft, all the while trying to swat the ruthless assassin. But her agility was too great, and she merrily danced across the length of her ride's broad shoulders and jumped onto the next ogre. The giant was terrified of facing a similar fate to his comrade and frantically tried to shake of his attacker, but keeping well entreched in the loops of the beast's ring mail, the dark elf made a lazy sweep of her blade. This time, the glowing red razor tip spat out a column of thin white flame that cleanly severed the second ogre's head from his neck, and made melted the faces of the adjacent row of ogres. As the now-dead monster made his fall to terra firma, the nimble warrior made a neat flip back down to the ground and sheathed her weapon. Turning back to the remaining bandits, she beckoned to them with her palm. However, the foul creature's had lost their appetite for battle and quickly fled back into the dark forest whence they came. The day had been won and the dark elf was victorious. She was a mighty fighter and now the world could see how she...OWW!

    Vespertine awoke with a start, a large rock landing on her head as if from nowhere. With a pained expression affixed to her face, the dark elf slowly brushed her stark white hair away from her face and took a look at the sky.
    "Where the hell did that rock come from?" she spat out in rage. Quickly gazing around, she added "And where the hell did my room go?" The hotel room she had taken the day before had miraculously exploded around her while she slept. Looking around the floor, she saw the large bone that had awoken her before. Picking it up, she hurled it into the air, but was soon nursing her head again, as the bone fell back from the sky, on to her bruised head. In a daze she crawled out of bed and began scrabbling at the rubble around her.
    "Vector? Vector, where the hell are you? From underneath a nearby scrapheap, a finat murmuring could be heard. Shuffling over to the pile, Vespertine began shovelling the broken debris and found who she was looking for.
    "What took you so long?" chided the angry sword. It was a fine duelist's blade, a deadly foil fit for the king, if not for the unfortunate frays on the blade. It also was the young woman's friend and travel companion. "I've been buried under that mound o' crap for ages now. Look at me! I've got more chips than a blind beaver!"
    "Sorry, I was dreaming again" she stammered. "It was a good dream too, I think you were in it."
    "I don't care about that. Look here, I think something is wrong. I first gathered that when the house blew up. It looks like the chance we've been waiting for, your chance to be a hero!"
    "Yeah! You're right. But first I need a drink to shake off this splitting headache I have. I'm going to the bar. And since when have you cared about damge. You're a shapeshifter! You can repair yourself." Embarrassed, the sword, glew a slight pink and slowly returned itself to it's former glory. "I swear Vector, you're thinking more and more like a sword with each passing day." she chuckled to herself.

    Quickly belting Vector to her back, Vespertine quickly made her way to the 'Mountain King' bar, it was the only familiar building left standing. As she walked, she noticed the devastated scenery, it looked like the scene of a great, great battle. It also looked like the scene of a carnival. She quickly rushed past the fanning flames and arrived at the bar. She stood at the entrance and stared at the sorry collection of would-be adventurers, drunkards and other weirdos. This looked like the perfect crowd to hang around. Licking her lips, she strode through the door. Looking around for a spare table at the back, she found a wooden rectangle waiting for her and she seated herself. Quickly waving to the tavern wench, she ordered a glass of water and cradled her head in her arms.

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    Giladril pondered a second and then began his reply again.
    "I will follow you to this tower. Do not misunderstand my words, I am going for the undead and will i no way assist you in any quest of your own except where these decadent undead creatures are involved."

    Giladril finished the glass and stood up, stretching his aging muscles. "I will wait outside for only so long" He warned as he slid his way though the mangle of bodies occupying the bar.
    Gliding pass the floating armour one long white finger shot out and flicked the helmet. As the elf approached the door and stepped out side he could still hear the resounding gong as it rang through the building. Amazing resonance.

    Brushing pass a tall hurried figure entering the bar, Giladril stood outside and took a deep breath of fresh air. Subconsciously his mind registered that it had been a dark elf that had just passed by but this fact did not contain any importance for further thought. Finding another place to stand and wait did, the place was starting to fill up with flies attracted to the sprawling dead bodies. So as the darkness of night began to descend upon the aging afternoon, Giladril moved to a spot across the square to wait.
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    ooc: Nice you could join us Wes, I was beginning to miss that "unconventional" style of writing you have.

    And Paul Alexander Grimmer, I needn't have to scream at you...It's hardly fair to kind of abuse me even though I am technically banned from the computer. I pulled a lot of strings for this. I'll post your profile when I've got a bit more time. But I'm not exactly as lazy as I used to be. School comes first now, sadly. (And again it's spelt M-e-l-i-s-s-a.)

    ic:Adele heard the small distant cry. It was familiar, but still unknown to her until she faced its owner.

    "...Bhren..." She whispered under her breath as the man plucked him from the crowd and pushed him in front of her. The young boys wirey hair was just as much since the last time she saw him.

    "What do you mean 'can I fix your problem'? It is your problem alone! If you had not taken what didn't belong to you, then you shall suffer with it. The boy is now in debt to me. But YOU shall take responsibility. The book has chosen HIM, might be a part of this prophecy Sam so forcibly drummed into my head."

    "Answer me this child, what happened to you? The book wouldn't...stop squirming...dammit, leave him alone!" She screamed at Ogiratem. She quickly drew her knife to his throat for the second time, edging a little closer drawing blood.

    "I'm warning you, back...holy hell, who are you?" Noticing his abnormal blood.

    She quickly shoved the young man out of the way before attending to the boy. The dirt smudged along his youthful features was almost adorable, she wiped at them carefully revealing his normal skin tone.

    She shook him severely then looked to his face, then the book stuck to his arm. "Bhren, it is important you must tell me what happened!" Her voice urgent.
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