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    I looking at purchasing this fine vehicle in the near future. What do ya'll think. Price is ball park 30k.

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    I like the looks of that car, and the color of that specific one. 30k seems like a damn good price for a Porsche also.

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    Its actually the highest going rate for a '92 with 170k miles on it. Blue book is 15k, but hes spent nearly 40k in modification, and it is done with exquisite taste. That car comes stock with 236Hp, pulling roughly 6.0 0-60, but with the supercharger, it has 348Hp, and does more like 4.8, which ranks up there with M5's. Now for an aged car it is a very fine specimen, but for 20k on another one and 8k for the super and LSD, along with another 2k suspension and 2k in body kit, 2k in stereo and interior accessories, then 2k for wheels. It would be kind of a stretch to build one myself. Although if i did do it myslef, i could spread out the cost over a year or so, and pick exactly which begginning car to start with. I know those figures dont add up to 40k, but he also is including service work and other mods that i wouldnt include. The super alone prolly cost him 5k after the 8k purchase to install it. My best friend is a Porsche mechanic, and im not a stupid feller either.

    I think im gonna pass on this one and find a better specimen, preferably in red, and with the Club Sport inspired suspension.

    .... Although has a MEAN 968 Turbo mod that pushes 400Hp, but thats 22k.

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    Hey guys found this thread on my car through my sites stat logs... Anyway to clarify some info.

    The breakdown is like this:

    I have $10K+ into the body & paint just about everything on this car is new. With rare Turbo S parts, splitter, Naca ducts, bumper duct, Techart boot spoiler (very rare), New seals, New windsheild ect.

    Total: $10K

    The S/C will run $6500 + Installation so lets call it $8K when all said and done

    Total: $8K

    Suspension cup car sways $850, Coil over struts $600, rear sport shocks $175, strut brace $200, misc $200.


    LSD Gaurd GT

    Interior- Full leather recover $1700, 993 sport seats painted backs $2900, Carbon fiber hand wrap $800, CS steering wheel $400, Stut. E-brake $185, 996 Shifter CF $430, rennline pedal $185 misc $200

    Total: $6800

    Wheels: Kinesis 3.6 $4700, refinish $725, Tires S02's less then 1500 miles $1200 Painted caps $150

    Total: $6625

    Brakes: 993TT calipers $750, X-drilled rotors front and rear $400, pads $150, SS lines $75, adapter $175 refinish rear calipers $300


    Misc addt'nl parts in the $1000's

    I have well over $40,000 in parts without taking into consideration I had to buy the car... I am not hurting for cash just board and ready to work on another project .

    Also 98% of the parts I used on this project were brand new and from Porsche direct. You can not build this car anywhere near what I asking for it. None of these number include the thousands of dollars in labor it took to install them half the work was done by me. This is a solid car that is 10X more breathtaking in person. I have had a great response on the car and It will sell soon.

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