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Thread: My new Car

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    THIS WAS A GOOD THREAD, especially after our emails before you ever sent me this thread Jedi.

    THAT STANG would get smoked either way. Like I was telling Jedi in an email prior to me ever knowing this discussion.

    My first car was an 86 Porche 944 "Concourse" =show car.
    Perfect show condition. I added floor mats since it was being shown, and an 89' Turbo posi rear end when I did the clutch. I taught my wife how to drive a stick in it. Bad and good idea, just cost me quite a bit, and some time. For those who don't know. The engine and bell housing is in front, torque tube to the rear end, where the transaxle is located. So the whole rear end has to come completely off the car, suspension and all.
    This is of course for racing, front/rear weight distribution.
    I raced it at quite a few Porsche Concourse events held at Candle Stick park in San Fransisco.
    I raced a buddy of mine after he bugged me for weeks. Granted we were both mechanics, and competetive there as well. Who knew more, ect. Obviously he didn't do his homework!
    He had an 89' IROC Z28 with a TON of money into it. We were both in the military too at the time, and had just gotten back from Saudia, when Saudia was FUN, got to go to Bahrain, downtown Riyahd all the time ect.

    ANYWAY, as I was saying to Jedi. Mine was stock with the phone dials (BTW JEDI)(which looked sweet on the dark grey paint).
    I EVEN smoked my tires for a bit off the line and STILL beat him by about 1 1/2 lengths in the 1/4!
    HE WAS SO PISSED. HE WANTED A REMATCH EVER DAY! I said it wouldn't do him any good except to blow his motor cause he would KILL it just to say he won.

    Anyway, a 4 CYL. properly built will smoke a V8!

    END OF STORY!:cheers:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Olie
    i'm your typical lazy aussie
    plus i have no idea how to convert it
    - Damien

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