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Thread: car accident... problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by amd_man2003
    It is illegal to drive in the States uninsured.
    Not all. Is it irresponsible? Yes. (WI doesnt require it, but you will lose your license if you are involved in an accident without it. Strange huh?)

    Drnknmonkey, yes all he will be liable for is damages and possibly a rental unit while the vehicle is being repaired. But this is most likely what will happen (assuming the guy he hit has uninsured motorists on his policy). Guy contacts his insurance, they find out your friend has none and they cut him a check to fix the car and rental (if they deem neccessary). Then the insurance company goes after your friend to recoup their loss. Depending on the state laws for him, he might lose his license and get hit with a hefty fine and in extreme cases, jail time. If the other guy doesnt have insurance or uninsured motorists, he might have to take him to court himself, but doing it this way the guy might try to say more things are wrong with the car if he's a sham artist. No one was hurt, so your friend should only need to pay the actual damages and possible a rental fee. How much damage is there on the guys car? Sorry, but this seems like its going to be an expensive lesson for him. Luckily he hit a parked car and didnt hurt anyone. And if he thought insurance was high for him then, wait until after. HE might be forced into getting high risk insurance (unless he had a completely clean record before). But good luck.

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    thx for all the input guys... i guess all i can do is take ur advice and try to find a good way to break it to my friend ^^

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    How long ago did he drop his insurance? Many states have a law requiring a 30 day grace period that the previous insurance company must cover.

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