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Thread: Why Japcarsrule should buy AMERICAN!!! ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albinus
    Don't even bother..... I have blocked the user name for the time being, and will not hesitate to block the IP range if you re-register. And I notice your account and Nick East's account are virtually IDENTICAL, so if you are indeed the same person you will be banned as well. Same for the IP range (2 different IP blocks)

    Oh, and BTW, learn to use paragraphs - it makes reading insults easier
    Oh, does that mean it's over? *grabs his popcorn back from Albinus* fine then..

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    damn newb, i had a feeling it was him, sounded just like him. oh well, good riddance. fool drives a civic anyways. (again, no offense Albinus :geek: ) lol "User "japcarsrule" not on file"
    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    speakin of which, it'd good to see my ol wrestlin buddy ResinScraper back.. :D

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