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Thread: Probs with Thermaltake Hardcano VR 8

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    Alright guys. I bought one of these the other day. Firstly as soon as I take it out the box and start playing with it one of the variable resistors broke. :( I.e when I turned the knob the little plastic rod that went from the knob into the resistor snapped so the knob just spins round and round. Ok I can fix that with a little glew. I installed the controller into my AMD rig and hook up the fans. When I booted up the pc all the fans spin but when I turn the knobs there doesn't appear to be any discernable change in the speed of the fans :confused: .Anyone have any ideas if I can fix it without having to send it back? I don't want to have my pc sitting gathering dust again. BTW is there actually anything wrong with it are the fans changing speed without my knowing. I bought it so I could have the pc running quietly whilst just in windows but when chrunching setis + hosting BF1942 games I want them turned up. The annoying thing is I could have just bought a 4 pin-3 pin adaptor for 2 and would have seen the same result as I am now

    I have 2 fans running of fans 2 and 3 controlls. Should I just have them running off number 1 and daisy chain them?

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    I personally don't use the hardcano VR 8 but I have a PCCG 3.5" VR Rheobus. First of all the thing shouldn't break that easy, unless you used force to twist it. And yes, when you adjust the speed of a fan you should hear a difference. If not you can try and put your finger in the fan and see if you can 'feel' the difference (not highly recommended).

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    I'd RMA the sucker.

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    I think your right. I hate having to RMA things. I don't think the extra fan I was using was making any difference temps are still at 52c on full load. I was getting about the same with just two fans.

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