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Thread: bay cover mod

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    check it out, 3 days of modding and i finished this and the upgrading of wires in my fanbus.

    The 'bay cover' mod


    facts - by taking apart bay covers i now have 3 pieces, the clip, metal piece, and clear piece.

    question - WTF can i do with these to make my computer look better than the other guys.

    solution - paint one cut the other and slap it all back together.



    1. get design that looks like its going to jump out and kick someones ass, and print it out.
    (these piks are off my computer which is not on 24/7, [9:00AM-11:00PM/12:00AM])

    2. take bay covers apart and secure the design to the piece that the cutting will take place on by using scotch tape.

    3. secure that to a table by using a c-clamp and a scrap 2x4(for protecting surface)

    4. pull out the dremel and engraver piece and let it fly, when done put it somewhere away from the action.

    5. paint the back piece and let dry

    6. slap it all back together and place it back in the case


    i am using UV reactant paint so there are a few more steps:......i dont have the cathode yet :(

    1. drill hole in front/top of case big enough for a uv cathode clip to go through

    2. place uv cathode horizontal and apply it to the case

    3. light her up.

    edit: these piks are off my computer which is not on 24/7 (9:00AM-11:00PM/12:00AM pacific time)

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    Look pretty sweet man. If only you had a green cold cathode, b/c green pwns blue :thumb:
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    yes green does kick ass but in this situation i choose blue

    -blue looks good with the hitman genre
    -blue.....air force

    also without blue there is no blue owns green

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