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Thread: noob in need: wire managment

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    question, i'll be buying some UV reactant wire manegment crap (aka flexo pet sleeving), i will be using this for my custom wirings (remote fanbus) and for my power supply. how do i remove the pins from the molex so that i can put sleeving around it and where can i find this tool?

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    Some people can do it with toothpicks. You push it in the molex and then it will come out if you press it right. I can't explain any better. There are tools though. But if you do that with your PSU and rewire it wrong you can fry your PSU.
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    im good with the wiring part because of all the wiring i did with my remote fanbus.

    i have seen a tool that is prettu much like a really small straw, like a coffee straw

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    There are 2 prongs that need to be pressed in to remove each of the metal connectors from the plastic plug and usin' 2 of the flat type of toothpicks is ideal for the purpose as they'll fit between the connector and the plastic.

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    found a cheap pen that works fine, but now i have an old y-crapper for the power supply molex, so i'll be using the female end to push the clips in.

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    I've found a small jewelers screwdriver works nicely too, if one is handy.
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