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Thread: stealth drives

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    I'll try to get a dig pic and post it.
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    the 2 stage method base/clearcoat is what is used on a lot of cars. So im not suprised that it last well. Thats what I do too. But I got access to real paint guns, so the process is a lot easier for me. Plus I have plenty of paint to mess with, so most of it is free.

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    well some good ideas, latex is a nono, the finish will never look, good(past expirement with a old retarded buddy), but i like the idea of canned matched paint, but in my area all i have is pep boys, kergan, auto-zone, etc, they also have BONDO (junk is u sk me) and i asked them aboit ur matched paint in a can, they said they herd of it but havent seen it. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    God damn man do ya live in some isolated backwater outa the back of beyond there? :?:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZEROKOOL
    hey all, was looking for a bit of moding help, i wanted to make ym drives "stealth", cuz well i dont wana paint them, i doubt i could colormatch it right, (unless anyone knows what color matches "sky-blue" cheaftech case), ok anyway, on my drive rails i used the farthest back nothch and the drive is barly flush, i want to mod the beazel and have it fit flush over the front of the drive, i seen it done before, any help would be nice :thumb: thanx!:thumb:
    Seems to me you already have a bezel painted to match, and the post was about saving you from painting the drive itself....I don't blame you. I stealthed my drives, as they are the exposed type with no door to cover them, and aluminum faced. No paint will match brushed aluminum. With an exacto knife, I shaved most of the plastic extrusion off the backside and then sanded it til it was flat. Then the easy part....doublestick tape on the drive door, a self-stick cabinet door bumper aligned with the button and voila'! I like it as you just push on the drive door to open it. The doublestick foam mounting tape (May take 2 layers) acts as a hinge.
    As far as the drive rails you really need all the screws to line up? With a dremel you could possibly lengthen the slot, but I can't tell as you provided no pics that show the interior. With a lot more work, it's possible to remove the CD tray door itself, as well as the bezel from the CD drive, but then you'll have to cut the holes for the button, the volume dial and headphone jack, and cut a drive door out of the same piece of plastic....VERY tough to get all that to line up and mount securely, and the button(s) and volume dial will still be beige. Yet another thing to consider if you go with paint....paint has thickness, and can make the buttons sticky, and painting the volume wheel all the way around is gonna be tough, not that most folks EVER turn it.
    I'd try the stealth with the bezel that matches first. If it doesn't work out, you're no worse off. If you paint the drive itself, you could lose the function of the drive....just my :2cents:
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