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Thread: Skyhawk Galaxy - Upside down PSU?!

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    I purchased a Skyhawk Galaxy-lx a while ago (a sweet case by the way) but unfortunately upon opening the case i realized that they built the power supply part of the case upside down. If i bought a power supply with a fan on the bottom, this would mean the fan would be pointed towards the top of the case, eliminating any hope for good ventilation.

    Does anyone know of reverse PSU's? I want to buy one but ive never actually seen one before. Any help?


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    Do not be afraid to grab some tools and hack a hole in that sweet case . A dremel tool or such would work ..... just need to make templet and have ( hack ) at it .......... Have Fun .......... :cheers:
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    I agree. Just make it a rear blowhole.
    that way the PSU would get more of the fresh air keeping it cooler.

    Aside from that, you could look for a single fan PSU.

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    I think if you look closely you will see that the PSU that came with the case will vent out. It may be a unique placement, but companies rarely make this kind of mistake.
    i realized that they built the power supply part of the case upside down.
    Got a pic?
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    hmm, my PSU also mounts upside down in my case, but its signle fan, so its OK.

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    as lon as there is 1/4" or so between teh psu and the top of the case you're going to be fine.

    PSU fans don't suck tremendous amount of air anyway. If it's a decen psu, it won't need the extra fan anyway.
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    I also have the Skyhawk Galaxy case....and yes, it's a nice looking case, but yeah, they did put the PSU mounting upside down from most other cases, among other cooling issues. I agree with TheDudeWhoBe and I "hacked", very carefully, to put the PSU rightside up. The PSU I used has the fan on the bottom now, not crammed up against the top of the case where it wouldn't do any good. If you look at AMD literarature on this subject, they have a diagram showing it this way. Makes me wonder what the heck Skyhawk was thinking. There is enough metal on the back of the case that you can cut clearance for the power plug and fan grill, and still drill all four mounting holes for the PSU. The way I see it, it's worth the effort as all the PSUs I've checked are oriented this way, and if you're ever going to need a replacement, your choices are much greater and the mod work will already be done. Good luck!

    Yes, I also hacked out the rear of the case for 2 80mm fans instead of the wimpy loud 60s that were there...
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