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Thread: what do you guys think

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    I was thinking of going overboard on the cosmetic side of things. This is the stuff I'm going to get.

    A Lian Li PC 65.
    2x Red CC Fans
    2x Blue CC Fans
    1x Blue CC
    1x Red CC
    1x 431w Enermax PSU

    All this will go in my AMD PC will the power supply be up to the job? I'm thinking maybe I'll go down the dual power supply route seeing as I have tons of psu hanging around the place.

    This is going to set me back 263.88

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    I have 6 LED fans in total and 2 CC and run off a 400W PSU. Got 4 IDE devices and everything runs just fine.

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    I've got a Sparkle 350W running 3 hard drives, 3 optical drives, 4 80mm fans, 1 CC, a thermaltake X-view, a section of glowire...and an Athlon XP2000+....Hasn't skipped a beat yet.

    A good 400W PSU should be fine, and you may be able to get away with less too.

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    Yeah I wouldn't worry about your PSU, I've got 5 LED fans, and I've got my video card and all drives hooked into my 430 and it hadn't had any problem whatsoever. But honestly if you do have a problem you probably don't need to go dual PSU, just upgrade your current.

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    Those fans only take 5 watts each. People lately are PSu happy, thinking they need an insane amount of wattage. The truth is, if you have a good brand name PSu 300 watts or up you are fine. A Dozen Hard drives, Dual Proceesors, (50) 80mm fans, or an extremely high overclock with water cooler, is your only hope of exceeding a good 300 Watt Psu in a normal PC.
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    zeradul is right, i have a p4 2.8 oc'd to 4.331 with 5 hdd's 2 cd-roms, 10 fans 7 of witch are led's and i still got about 1/2-1/3 the voltage left over, on a 450watt (390 at 35c) but IF you are close to the limit on ur psu then IF it does hic-up then itll reboot AT THE WORST, so you should be fine, even a 350+ psu should be fine.
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