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Thread: Sorry, another question about cold cathodes...

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    Hi, I'm new here. I was looking for information on cold cathodes and I thought what better place to find info but a case modding forum :D Well, I need to reduce the output on some cold cathodes, but I don't know how to make them dim, short of spraying them with some grey or black spray paint.

    Well, just in case your curious, the cold cathodes are for my car. I want to light my gauges with them, so I've been looking at 80 mm cold cathode fans in blue. I'd really like white ones though, but I can't find white ones anywhere. Idealy, I'd get two 80 mm white cold cathodes, and two 2" ones to light the side gauges, but I can't find ones that short anywhere either. The closest solution I've found are fan grills made by Lamps Electronics that have an outer 80 mm ring and a smaller inner ring, which I could use to light the side gauges. I don't know the exact color of blue though, and I don't think they make a white one :(

    Thanks for any help or info you can give me! You guys have a cool forum here, and some pretty cool computers! I'm pretty glad I haven't touched my computer, and I'm going to resist because modding anything gets really addictive, and I'm sure I'd go nuts on my computer... My truck already looks like some of your computers at night when I want it to... :D

    Thanks again!

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    SVC has cold cathode fanlights as you described, in white, with two rings, inner and outer.
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    but they dont dim well at all. you have to have a high current to make them work, thats why they come with their own transformer. it would be like trying to put a dimmer on a flouresent bulb, it just wont work. LEDs on the other-hand would. and you could dim them down with the same dimmer switch that you already have on your dash lights.
    Hope this helps

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