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Thread: Lian Li PC65 Case

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    I was thinking of getting a Lian Li PC65 case and i want your opinions on the case.
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    512MB PC2100 Ram
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    Thats the same case I'm going to get. :) Its a good case. Good airflow nice looks. Its got a window too. Lots of fan mounts, Aluminium. In all a very good case. :thumb: :thumb:

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    If ya can afford it then go for it m8. :thumb:

    My budget only runs to gettin' as far as a steel UNEEC clones. :tears:

    Though good alloy cases do feel flimsy to me when I build one for a customer I must admit that when setup right they do shave a degree or two off temps. Good luck to ya m8. :cheers:

    One day an alloy UNEEC. :devil win

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    Talking about UNEEC Cases I'm using one to build for a customer at the moment. Never used one before. They are very nice. Extremely spacious and are well thought out. I like the fan mounts that don't need screws. The ones I've built before all the customers have choosen generic cases that have edges like razor blades and require look like they need a drill to get all the rivets out if you want to take the side off :rolleyes:

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    All you need to buy for screwless fans is push pins. The go in the same hole the screw would and hold the fan nice and tight.
    I haven't used screws in quite a while.
    You can find them at most online computer parts stores. I get mine from


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    Ya i recently built a comp for a friend...and he wanted a cheap quality case. Man what a hassle...once you get used to quality cases...that let you concentrate on your real point and not altering things to make other things fit...
    - Damien

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