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Thread: tower -> desktop drive bay conversion?

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    Basically, I'm turning a cheap mini-tower into a media PC. I plan on replacing either all or most of the front bezel with smoked plexiglass, but I want the DVD drive to sit horizontal when the case is on its side. Think "desktop case" and you'll know what I'm thinking of.

    I didn't get a desktop case to begin with since I was unsure of how this whole thing would turn out, so now I'm retro-converting it to work better.

    The main ideas I've got so far are to create an insert for the drive bay out of bolted-together angle (and flat) iron from Lowes / Home Depot, but that's a bit inelegant.

    I don't have ready access to a mig or arc welder, but I'm still looking for an idea that will make this a relatively simple job.

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    Buy a shuttle unit?
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    If you get an ARC WELDER and angle iron to mod your might be a redneck!!!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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    I'd just get a desktop case. They're not in very much demand, and would probably be cheaper than all the materials to convert your tower. I've seen some for less than $30 w/o a PSU. If you're stuck on converting it, it's gonna be a lot of hard labor to get it all to look "elegant". My own HTPC case takes a mATX mobo, and was $50 w/PSU. You also may run into cooling issues, as towers are designed slightly different than desktops, especially considering you're planning to change things internally and lay it on its side.: peace2:
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