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Thread: Spray Painting a Case

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    Hi all,
    I've been thinking about spray painting my case (outside only) if it isnt 2 much of an effort and i've looked around for guides and stuff but they havent been that clear so i thought i'd ask for your help
    Basically what ive learnt so far is that you have to sand down the case so the paint will grip and do several light coats. Whats this about Car spray paint or something?
    If you could please either give urls for guides or your own personal experiences, guide lines, basic how to's. The case i have is a beige full tower(?) very boring and plain. i was just going to paint it black and have some LED fans and cathodes or something like that but your idea's will be gladly accepted :thumb:


    The Evolved One

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    I used car spray paint. Also black but it looked pants so I bought a good looking case :o I suggest you do the opposite to what I did.

    don't spray outside in windy weather the outside of your house won't look too great with black paint on it. (although my looks quite trendy and new age :rolleyes2 )

    Also make sure the case is clean, this will prevent you from getting a textured appearence. However I feel that teh texture of my old case was quite cool it added that extra depth to a Pc that everyone is crying out for.

    Also let the case dry outside as the other members of your household will pretty miffed if you stink the entire place out. (thats what I did. I had some weird dreams that night)

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    So where can one get this "Car Spray Paint" and how much will it cost? can i paint my drives like CD floppy etc etc if so can i take off the face of em or put masking tape in the gaps and take that off when painting is finished? :confused:

    The Evolved One is hoping to Evolve in the area of painting

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    Auto Parts stores are a start.

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    Yeah, parts stores are the best for auto paints.
    As for painting your drives, yes you can. You will need to take apart the CD drive and pull the top and bottom covers off, then spray the front bezels. I personally took some model paints and painted the raised DVD portion and a few other parts like the sound wheel RED to highlight them.
    I then painted the cover to my A: as well, and painted the entry slot RED by hand painting with the same model paint.

    I took an extrordinary amount of time and care, and it came out SWEET. Even why wife who thinks its a bunch of crap to mod cases and stuff, REALLY liked it and said it made it looked pretty professional.
    I of course am picky as can be though, and color cordinate and really get into the modding process.

    If am not too lazy, maybe I will take some pics. Also of my other comps. Especially my latest creation below. It is 90% finished. (modding wise that is, still need to get a little bit of extra sleeving for a few stray wires.)


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    This is the process I use when painting a car, so it should be similar for a PC case.

    Scotch the surface
    Apply a clear plastic primer
    Apply four thin layers of basecoat
    Apply two thin layers of lacquer

    Prepare the surface with 180 (dry)
    Primer the surface
    Prepare the surface with 600 (wet)
    Apply three layers of basecoat
    Apply two layers of lacquer

    As steel, but use an etch primer instead

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