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Thread: Desk modding.

  1. Cool Desk modding.

    not exactly anything to do with my computer but eh. i was getting tired of not having any space on my desk to plan or do mods because of my w monitors and my sub so i decided to just add a section to my desk and mod the hell out of it in the process.

    1st the planning. pretty much a lot of guessing with a tape measurer what would be best and putting the measurements onto a graph paper and drawing out the rest:

    (in the plans i have 1 with a curved edge by the keyboard/mouse tray and one that just does a 45 degree angle to be perpendicular with the main desk edge and i decided that the 45 degree angle design would work best)

    2: the first couple of main cuts, mainly the part going up against the main desk. i had to cut out roughly the same curvature onto the addon for it to fit nicely:

    3: this part i cut out quite a bit, curving one section and cutting the 45 degree bank. then i also rounded out the edges with a dremel which will have to be done a bit more around the corner areas.

    4: the base piece. still needs to be rounded out a bit more but is otherwise completed:

    5: the top supported by the main supports along with the base piece elevated by a couple vhs's

    -this is all i have for now and i'll update this every few steps.
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    looks good

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    thanks amd_man2003 and KoolDrew

    6: since the only thing i did was sand the entire desk and shorten the legs a bit (26 3/4" -> 26 1/4") to make the top more flush with the desk i didn't take a picture because it is similar to the one in step 5. but now i am ready to paint these pieces and create the base supports for the table.

    7: all main desk pieces are ready to be painted (primer:mohogony pain: black, laquer: clear)

    [this image was taken after the primer was put on]

    8: all peices assembled and this is the main desk, next is to paint sections of peg board silver and have them form a C in the center of the desk along the main supports.:

    [notice my crappy paint skills hehe, i'll be putting another layer on the top later.]

    9: the pegboard is completely painted silver and will become the wall for the desk:

    10: the finished product

    (now for the modding)
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