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Thread: Adding lights for a case mod

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    Default Adding lights for a case mod

    I`m new to case modding. Hell I`m new to computer building, but I`m hell bent to make my own soon, and need some advice on light mods.
    I plan on buying a case with some sort of light to it. Well I plan on adding a few other lights. Case feet that light up and flash. More lights for the inside. Do I need to find a UV light for the uv active wire sleeves? Now, does this extra lighting I plan on buying have its own controls? Or will it be better to buy something like the Sunbeam Lightbus to control these lights. Another thing is I would like to buy a case that opens in front to expose the bays. But there may not be room for the dials on the Lightbus to close the door.
    Anything else I need to consider?

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    Default Re: Adding lights for a case mod

    Lights - If you're just wanting to add light you can do this with neon-type lighting. There are several types out there for sale and most will come with its own ballast and will hook up to a spare 4-pin Molex from the PSU. If you want blinking lights, you'd do well to look into some sort of LED lighting setup and a controller with a timer so you can set the blinking effect you're after.

    UV - UV will always set a case off well but if you go this route you'll want only this type of lighting inside the case (with the exception of some small LED lights that can set off major components). You'll want to stay away from the brighter neon lighting as this would drown out the UV effect. While UV reactive cabling always looks good, a UV reactive mainboard kicks ass. DFI uses this element in their LAN Party line of mainboards. Also, if you have the money to spend, you can go with a water cooling solution and use UV reactive dyes in the liquid coolant. You can really take this theme as far as your imagination (and wallet) allow.

    Rheobus - I believe the Sunbeam unit has knobs that are not terribly long. This is from memory, though, and may be wrong. At any rate there are models from several manufacturers to include Sunbeam, Thermaltake and CoolerMaster (and others) that will likely suit your needs, even if you want a covered fromt bezel. Just find a model with the functionality you need and short knobs.

    Good luck... make sure to post pics when you finish the project.
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