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Thread: Where to go?

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    Default Where to go?

    I recently bought a fairly large case, one of the Chieftec Dragon 21" case, thus far I like it a lot, but is sort of bland.

    As far as I can tell it's either very dark blue, or purple, just to give an idea of the colour scheme I would be working with, I did have a few ideas, but I am not sure how attainable some of them are.

    The first was that I was considering throwing in a monitoring device, or a fan controller, the only problem is that the door on the front is solid plastic, so if it had a screen on it I would have to open the door to see it, not too much of a problem (I am not that lazy) but I wouldn't mind having it in plain sign for others.

    What I was thinking was perhaps taking the door out, and then getting a mesh door made for it, same specifications, but metal mesh, the type found on fan ports in some cases. I was thinking too, perhaps cutting the size down, so that the top port of the drive bays was left not under the door so that I could put a monitoring device there, however the issue of hinges comes into play. If anyone has worked with this kind of metal before, or knows if it would even be worth attempting let me know.

    I was also thinking of a light. I have used a cathode in the past, once, and It was good, but I think I could have done better. I was almost thinking a flourescent light, one of the ones that gives off a pure, but almost blue light, if I could find one small enough and could mount it inside the case. The problem of supplying it with power comes into play, again, if anyone knows the ins and outs of something like this let me know.

    Finally, I was thinking that if the flourescent idea did not work out, perhaps something like Ultrabrite white LED's would, perhaps even if I could get what I needed from radioshack and assemble it myself. First off, could I? Would I be able to get the parts in to assemble a small led board? I would imagine I could run it off of batteries, but how fast would they drain them?

    There was a few other scattered ideas that I would consider, such as water cooling, but I don't really need it right now (see overclocking thread for the reason why).

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would work well with this case, I would love to hear them.

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    Default Re: Where to go?

    Sounds like you bought yourself the wrong case. Should have chosen one without the door. As for the mesh idea, that design lets out a lot of internal noise that you usually can't hear. There are many "all mesh" cases out there. Cooler Master 5 has the entire front made of mesh. I just replaced it with a different case because of the noise.

    Many places carry combo fan controller and temp sensor units. Just pick one that has the features you want.

    I use the lights that are sold at pc modding specialty stores on line. They come with power adaptors and are ready to mount inside your case.

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    Default Re: Where to go?

    Keep the door and cut in 120mm blow hole in bottom of case.You can use mesh to redo lower bezel but I would not instead Incorporate blow hole made of 4"pvc into surrounding area in bondo.Then you can paint any color you please,Chassis too.Maybe electric door opener on door would be nice trick.Personally I have mATX like yours and love it(wish it was full ATX)Jo
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