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Thread: LCD Displays

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    Ne one got one, im talkin about 2x20 or 4x40 displays. Wonderin if its easier to buy one prewired, or just get the LCD and use a wiring quide....

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    what the price differnence between a do-it-yourself and a pre-done one ???
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    I've just been recently looking at LCD displays, all that I've found have looked like I'd have to do custom coding on them. Also they are all RS232 based. Any pre-configured options out there?

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    IMO get the lcd and wire it up your self, if your soldring skills are good enuff, if not, buy a pre made one, it will save some of the headaches

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    To any of you aspiring electrical/computer engineers...

    You know those LED message scrollers that are used to post scrolling messages? Figure out a way to connect one to a computer serial port permanently and then write a winamp plugin to output current id3 tags of whatever is being played at the moment and have it start scrolling in the LED banner.

    Haha, I'd buy ...

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    it's been done. I saw one somewhere. Was a fancy blue screen LCD too. :)

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    There are 2 ways i have seen this done before. They are both connected through a parallel cable and can get power from the motherboard or USB.

    This one is Great! and costs about A$25- version(GREAT!)

    The other is about 40 British pounds?-
    English version This one is alright.

    Both sites have infomation on programs to program the LCD to show the processor temp. speed and if ya have new e-mails. News headlines and other things.
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