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Thread: Looking for cooler case?

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    Going to build a new sys around the XP2000+ Got the CPU cooler issue handled but "case wise" I'm "abit" (no pun intended) bewildered! Looked at many big$ cases built by Lan-Li, Enermax, etc., etc. with "all aluminum", "windows "verywhere", "headlights", "horns" and a "back seat bar"! I have always moded cheaper cases w/good quiet/high CFM fans and some common sense and have kept temps low. What about these high tech deals? Worth it or not? I keep temps to: CPU low 40C's and sys low 30C's. Is there a real need for lower temps even with overclocked CPU's? Don't attend LAN parties..hate being the oldest guy there and the only one with "readers"! Thanx.
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    I can't really see the point in them when you can get a case like the one reviewed here that has good cooling at a fraction of the price. :smokin:

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    Yep, I have that case and it cools very well. I like the built it hdd cooler which is needed for the IBM GXP drives

    I also like the idea of locking the front door. Hmmm, you shoud have seen it when the kids colored my case up for me and added a few color pencials into my Cd-rw drive....

    it was a heart breaking moment

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    personally i think it's much nicer to buy a cheap case and mod it can have it however u like and after all it is supposed to be your 'pride and joy':afro:

    i have a cheap in-win 506 case and i;ve nibbled 2 120mm fan holes into it the side...and i'm about to put a blowhole in the top:)...the best case to mod is probably the a-open hx-45...something like that...unless my memory is screwed again...this is bcos it has a very large and flat front panel which makes moddiing a front intake a dream...and is simle design so you can paint/mod it however u want :afro:

    well technically if u kept a overlcoked cpu say at 55 degrees it would proabably still run stable....but wen summer comes aorund and ambient temp shoots up 10 degress your cpu temp is likely to go up with it:afro:

    there fore u should try to keep at least some headroom temperature wise:cheers:

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    He's refering to the Aopen HX45a. A great case with excellant modding potential. I agree with chisholm on the point that a self moddified case feels more rewarding and most often provides the best cooling results anyway.

    But really it's up to you. :thumb:
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