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Thread: Refridgeration!

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    Default Refridgeration!

    Okay. I was thinking. Why don't people use fridges to cool their systems?

    The answer was obvious. It involves work.

    I like work.

    I have found a dead and gone thread, about a man with the same idea. Unfortunatly, he never was able to see the project through to conclusion (as far as I was able to determine), and I wish to pick up where he left off.

    And where did he leave?


    I have had numerous conflicting views on how bad it would affect my machine. Unfortunatly, not many sites have condestation specs for their fridges, or how it would affect computer components.

    I need a few things.

    1: Fridge: Buying as we speak.
    2: An old comuter for testing. If anyone would like to sell an old piece to a Calgarian, please PM me.
    3: Advice. How should I pursue this? All I have from the origional thread, are condensation problems, I am not entirely sure how the origional creator visualized the project.

    --Thanks, Dio

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    Default Re: Refridgeration!

    get a water vapour trap or 5, and put them in the fridge with the pc.
    result: condensationless cooling.
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    Default Re: Refridgeration!

    This is a subject that has been beaten to death on so many forums with so many threads. It doesn't work. Condensation kills the parts every time. You cannot put a hot item in a cold environment without major condensation. The only way this remotely works is if you build a perfectly sealed, and I mean perfectly sealed box that allows absolutly no air at all in and you can chill an entire PC. It is easier and much more possible to either use phase change on the CPU or just use water cooling/chilled water.

    Munkul, the PC parts are what condensates. You could put 100 vapor traps in there and it would still condensate and kill the parts. This is just not feasible.
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    Default Re: Refridgeration!

    It's been done before, but as Casecutter said, it's almost impossible to do without having major condensation issues. Dehumidifiers can help, but I don't think one would easily solve the problem, if at all.

    One solution might be to fill the machine with a non-conductive liquid. This has been done before, but the fridge would make it actually worthwhile since it would be superior to air and water cooling at such low temperatures.

    Honestly though, there are easier, cheaper ways to give an entire system extremely low temperatures than to attempt to use a refrigerator. I just can't see a practical reason to do so.

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    Default Re: Refridgeration!

    A non-cosductive liquid sounds hard to do, but it sounds cool, A fully submersed pc.
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