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Thread: New homade window...what type of lighting?

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    Well, of course I want to go with the best bang for the buck..I also don't want to be blinded either. I just want to have enough light to show the internal componets...

    Would a 2.5' light strip do the job if I mount it on the bottom or top of the case? Do they give off enough light to make the whole inside glow or just enough to see the strip but nothing else?

    whatcha think I should get?

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    If you're talking about the Cold Cathode and the like, they give off plenty of light.

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    Dual Cathode, Yeah.

    Go for a set of 2 tubes, one top and bottom. If you want lighting for the case to show the components specifically, then get some blue ones. In that l337 case, you'll be set :D

    Hope this helps.
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    I am looking at putting in small Lazer Lights. Check them out here:

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    2 blue cathodes ordered! Thanks guys!

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