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Thread: Very different way to connect hard drives

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    Default Very different way to connect hard drives

    I had never seen this before but I am getting a Lian Li V1000Z case. I am picking it up tomorrow or Monday. It has PCB boards at the back so you just slide the drives in and out. This is pretty cool.

    My question is: Does anyone have this setup in their case?

    If you have it or a friend has it how do you like it?

    Fast forward to about 4:00 into this video. This is COOL. What do you think.

    YouTube - #974 - Lian Li PC-A7010 Case Video Review

    I am getting a V1000Z so mine is a mid tower, not full tower like this one but it has most (if not all) of the same features. I was wondering if they can be removed also.

    Edit: I ended up getting the case and the board at the back of the HD cages is amazing! You just hook all SATA cables up to the boarsds. (if mobo has enough and mine does) and slide a drive into the cage at any time. It's how all cases should be. This Lian Li case is like a dream come true. I got it for about half price from an estate sale (new in box)

    The hot swap boards for the HDs can be used for RAID hot swapping or just normal everyday use. When I get a new drive....I just take the front panel off and slide the drive into the cage and it's ready to go at boot. With hot swapping you don't even need to shut down. Lian Li rules. This case is not even one of their newest ones. I can't imagine them improving on this one!
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    Default Re: Very different way to connect hard drives

    Cool video, the guy talks funny and its amusing, but still a cool case.
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