Hey guys. a Customer wanted a rather "Conservative" mod done by us ( compared to the extremes us modders like to go) based on his love for Golf.
We decided to go with a low end chassis. He only uses it to check gold and e-mail. So the hardware is rather modest, and the case we chose was this:

So we went from their and started, well to be honest, my first THEME mod. The Theme is GOLF of all things lol. Something I knew nothing about.
I started by replacing the button with a piece of his favorite kind of golf balls.

that sucked trying to cut that off straight.

I basically just glued it over the top of the existing button. But there is a little light behind it so it lights it up quite well.

As you can see on the inside (as I was gluing down the top parts) the case is rather simple. But again, that's more than we needed for this.

Then we procured some actual artificial putting green. So I cut it out for the top of the case.

I then cut a hole for the cup, and even made an awesome sand trap!

I found an old ... driver? what ever it is, golf club. and cut the handle off.

The owner also gave me some personal ibjects from his golfing excursions, that I wanted to display.

so now the front looks like this

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I added the green on front too. Like it?

Then, since I have a lot of balls (i can't help but chuckle like a 12 year old)
I added them for FEET TOO!

again cutting those was miserable, tried doing it with a Dremel... the melting plastic gave me a 3rd degree burn. Don't try this at home lol
but I eventually got'em

So that's it for now guys, we still have work to do on the sides. have some fun ideas for that too.