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Thread: Jealousy

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    Smile Jealousy

    As I'm watching the reviews of built machines, video card bench testing, ram overclocking, etc... I'm truthfully jealous of the ability or resources people have to build these mad cases. Don't get me wrong though! If I had the money there is a good chance I would be doing the same, but when you pick up two kids and you have more going out then coming in. You just come to the realization and acceptance that having those capabilities of doing such tasks is a thing of the past. I've personally built 3 machines (completely TOO easy), worked with some individuals on specing/building a gaming site/interactive community on a military base, been speaking with network/computer engineers, and been playing games since I could remember. Hopefully one day I could join the ranks with you guys bench testing products, it would be a dream of mine.

    With what I have right now I don't see it happening... I don't have a chance in heck.

    At any extent, enough about my blabbering and emotional whimpering behind the keyboard... Game ON! can't wait to see some more modded cases!
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    Hmmm good post. Some years ago I felt the same way but for different reasons. I was a kid going to school living off my parents, I didn't have a job or disposable income. So I could read up and learn as much about computers as I wanted but I didn't have the resources to build one that I wanted...

    Now I am in my 20s and working, not married. I don't do extreme builds but at least now I can put together something pretty high performance that satisfies my needs. However one thing that prevents me from going too overboard with my builds is that I have limited time to play games. It's difficult to justify going very high end when you only have time to play a couple of hours a week.
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