Just like Dave Vizzard tuning the 2.0L ford pinto to give over 350 bhp,a street sleeper car.

I had considered the idea of a case circa 1990 or earlier which would look externally allways like anearly ibm xt.
I kept a case for a long time,it was like a tank none of this bendy metal.

Main problem is modern monitor technology.I do still have a working white AOC 17" crt monitor but with the increase in screen size it just wouldnt handle modern pc performance.

I will get one of these:
Dual Format Floppy Drive 5 1 4" 3 1 2" Fits in Single Drive Bay | eBay

sometime for the "retro look" I had one some time ago.. My present asrock mbrd has an internal fdd capability,but its probably one of the last.