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Thread: building case

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    Hey Everyone, Im building a new computer. I have a decent amount of expierence with computer hardware and have built pc's before, but This time I want to create my own custom case from scratch and im kind of unsure as to what guidelines to follow, Its hard to find info on this on the internet. Does anyone know what kind of things i need to keep in mind when designing it as far as keeping my equipment safe? do i need to gaurd against static, magnetic interference etc.? is it enough to just have a lot of fans for cooling? or do i have to strategically place them? I dont plan on everclocking anything. Size and noise arent really a problem with me i just want to design something thats easy to work on and looks original.

    I just want to make sure i do this right and not fry anything. If anyone has expierence in doing this kind of thing, any info would really help. thanks alot


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    Basically its your design so you let it happen. You want to have a way for the motherboard to be held properly and that it doesn't fall. Being you said it was a tower. I mena you don't have to guard against antyhing like magnetism or interference because nothing in a computer is a radio transmitting device. The placement of the fans? your exactly right its a stradegy on how to place them. Make sure they are equal both in take and exaust.

    Also a comptuer doesn't need a case at all to operate. A computer can operate just fine just sitting on its anti-static mat on a table.

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    You might want to look at this thread and a few of the others the the forum that I'm movin' ya too. ;)

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    Actually, computers do generate RF and cases are designed to be Faraday Cages to contain it. That's why the clear acylic cases are advertised as "for display purposes only". It is not usually a problem though as the use of windows in cases is quite common without problems. If you are talking about RF or EM affecting the computer, it is very unlikely that you have any sources nearby strong enough to to have any effect. The grounded powercord provides static protection for the box. When building the box, remember that most modern mobos receive power even when the machine is turned off, so don't install or remove parts unless the powercord is removed or the powersupply is turned off (assuming it has an on/off switch on the back). As ReSpAwN DeMoN said, you need to balance the airflow in and out and in basic designs, intake is low and to the front, and outtake is high and to the rear. Good luck on your project.

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