It's been a while since I built X (sorry about the images, will try to get them fixed asap) and now its time to start from scratch again! I have had most of the hardware since the beginning of the year, but CES 2014, TweakTown, my makerspace, and starting a new job has consumed most of my free time. Over the weekend, I visited Washington DC for a Drupal Developers Conference called Capital Camp, and while there, I visited the local MicroCenter and picked up a little piece of Devils Canyon that Intel likes to call the i7 4790K. I also picked up a 250mm Bits Power reservoir on clearance for $30. Those were the two last pieces of the puzzle needed to get this build started, so lets start documenting the build!

Before I get started, I would like to thank those who have supported me in this new build, and apologize for my late turnaround.

  • Gigabyte was kind enough to donate a G1 Sniper 5 Motherboard for the build
  • Swiftech hooked me up with about $1500 in liquid cooling gear as well as some 120mm fans.
  • Corsair donated an Obsidian 800D chassis, as well as 2 of their Neutron GTX 240GB SSDs and 16GB of Dominator RAM.
  • SanDisk donated 480GB Extreme II and 240GB Extreme II SSDs
  • BeQuiet donated their DarkPower Pro 1000W PSU as well as several 120mm and 140mm PWM Fans
  • Element14 Hooked me up with some electronics I plan on integrating if time allows.
  • Roccat donated a new ISKU keyboard, Kone XTD Mouse, and KAVE XTD headset.
  • Sapphire donated a single R9 270X late last year, but I have decided to use 2x Nvidia 770's with full coverage blocks. (Have any for sale? Hit me up!)
  • Silverstone also sent me a 750w PSU but with the added load from dual pumps, 10 fans, dual 770's etc, I decided to go with a larger PSU.

I dont have all of the images up yet, but lets get started with some hardware pr0n! Some of the last images were taken with my phone, and I will update it with some better quality pics ASAP!

Plans for the case include:

  • Install at least 2 radiators
  • Remove bottom drive cage
  • Replace all non-radiator fans with BeQuiet PWM fans
  • Sleeve all cable extensions
  • Build cable port cover from plexi
  • Build "Back of PSU" cover to hide cables
  • Install top fill-port
  • Install bottom drain-port with valve
  • 3D Print LED Strip holders
  • 3D Print PSU Cable combs
  • 3D Print various covers to hide cables
  • 3D Print Water Cooling Tubing organizers
  • Install Neo Pixel Accent lighting with Rasberry Pi Control
  • Install Green LED Strips on bottom of Chassis
  • Custom Mount BP Reservoir
  • Custom Mount minimum of 1 SSD viewable from window
  • Make all wiring, and cables disappear

That's all I have at the moment. As you can tell, I will be using one of my 3D printers in this build, so I thought I would include a photo of it as well. It's a Taz 3 from

Filament used is 3mm Excelfil ABS and has been provided by Voltivo.