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Thread: Project: Anidées Liquid Dream.

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    Default Project: Anidées Liquid Dream.

    So its time for me to start my buildlogg for my Project with Anidées. The name is Anidées Liquid Dream and well you can guess whats its all about by the name.

    So the story...

    The case is the Anidées AI-7 (White with Window) im going to fill it up with watercooling, 3x240mm rads (2front and 1top) im thinking of going with 3Loops so 1for the CPU and 1for each GPU.

    For the case im going to keep it simple and just to some paint jobs to it like honeycomb patern from the front to the sides and top to make the big honeycomb front match with it all. the colors will be Blue and Green just like the colors of Nvidia and INTEL.

    so let me tell you a little about the hardware for this build, its nothing brand new hightech in the build but its some old parts that was allready home :D

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4
    CPU: INTEL Core I5-750 @ 4GHz (For now on AIR)
    RAM: 2x4GB 1333MHz
    GPU: 2x Nvidia GTX470
    SSD: Kingston SSDNOW V300 120GB
    HDD: Westerdigital BLACK 1TB 64MB
    PSU: Coolermaster SilentPRO M2 720Watt
    CASE: Anidées AI-7

    For now there is no pics but im going to take some pics of it tomorrow and give some of my thoughts on the case its self.

    So stay tuned and there will be a-lot of pics and INFO coming just in the days.

    Update #1
    So here are some quick pics of it (Just testing the hardware in it) the pics are taken with my Crapy Iphone because my kids decided that my Camera is a cool toy so i dident find it when i took the pics.

    Here is the left side of the case with the side-panel of and you can see that there is not much space to go with if you are using a big air cooler (Iv got about 0.5mm left)

    Here you can see how the motherboard fits, only one problem. If you like me using a ATX Motherboard, the holes in the mbTRAY wont do you good, but if you are using mITX they can help you with the cable routing.

    So here you can see the case with the right side-panel of, there is pretty good space but "not" in the same time so my mine is kind off mixed here.

    Here is the back-side of the case, this looks really good if you ask me :D
    Baksidan ser iaf riktigt bra ut (Om man frågar mig)

    Best Regards
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