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Thread: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

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    Default [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    Hi everyone. Here I'll present my mod (the second), the "Bat Fou". My first was the "Spider Spirit".

    I'm a "young" french modder (not by age just by experience). So, as I always say, I apologize if I do some languistic mistakes.
    I am from Reunion Island, a small French overseas island in Indian Ocean, very far from all.

    Case: NZXT H630 black


    CPU: Intel i7-4930k

    PSU: BeQuiet Power Zone 850W

    GC: HIS R9-290X (x2)

    RAM: Corsair Veangeance Pro Series 1600MHz Gold (4x8Go)

    SSD: Samsung 840EVO (1To + 3x500Go)

    WB-CPU: Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos Pro

    WB-GPU: Watercool Heatkiller GPU-X3 (x2) + Backplates + Multi link

    Rservoirs: Aquacomputer Aquatube + Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 (Limited Brass Edition)

    Rad: Phobya G-Changer 360

    Pump: XSPC D5-Vario + Top Bitspower D5 Mot Top Clear "S"+ Bitspower D5 Mod Kit Gold

    Fittings: Monsoon Hardline 13/16 Gold
    Tube: Monsoon Tube Acrylique 13/16mm

    Liquide: Mayhems Pastel Lime Yellow / Mayhems Namron Yellow / Mayhems Aurora 2 Booster Gold

    Fans: BeQuiet Shadow Wings PWM 120mm

    Rhobus: NZXT Sentry LXE

    As in the first mod, a team will help me in building this mod.

    "Hello to all. My name, PatBat.
    No, no, no Patate (Patato)! This is PatBat!
    I'm the mascot of the next mod of Babouk.
    But, I'll need help."​​

    "Mr Zam, Flora !! Happy to see you. Will you give me a hand ?"
    "Hello PatBat. We'll help you, of course. and we introduce you to someone. He will also help us, he is very strong."​​

    "I am pleased to present you your apprentice. You'll see, he gonna impress you."​​

    "WHO ?? WHO ?? WHO ??"

    "Hello, I am Mini-Bat, your biggest fan. Ready to give you a hand.
    Mr Zam and Flora ​​told me that you had already chosen a theme for the mod."​​

    "Yes, the theme, it's me!! At last, rather my emblem​​"
    "Its TOPMEGACOOL !! Let see this symbol more closely. I have lots of ideas."

    "H h... I have the same"

    "And to help us, there is also my friend Twist (compared to her hair)"​​​

    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    Now, a "small" small summary of the steps already made

    Remove the elements out of the case.

    PSU cover

    For sure, for this DIY, the "Team Bat Fou" is here to give a precious hand.

    But, who is this new Tinkerbell (Flora). Where is the smaller ? The smaller was just an alternative before receiving the official.

    So, let's mod...

    And as always when I do some work, I have a fan

    "What is he gonna do next ? more noise ? sure..."​​

    Cutting, folding...and PatBat shows us his work

    "1st cut: OK. Not too hard to begin"

    And in the case, to see... the present PSU is not the final PSU (BeQuiet Power Zone). It's just for the test.

    Cutting the front part of the cover:

    "PatBat makes good work. What is he going to do now ?"
    " Cool ! Need to fix elements together. Anyone have a skate-board ?"

    The two elements will be fix together later.
    This cover need a "Bat Fou" touch...

    "not easy but I succeeded in make this cut.
    We'll see what it looks and after will require smooth all of that"

    I heard a noise from the garage...Good surprise !!

    "Take the pic quickly, and we cnotinue the work. He'll have a good surprise"

    " Smile !!"

    "Already at work !!"

    It's a real good day to DIY

    Now, have to cut. Let the "Team" do the job...

    "The pro of the grinder is here. Make space"

    "No, no, no. This time we use good stuff. I'm equiped for this kind of DIY"

    For chance, I have discs in stock

    Main cut finished

    It's your turn Ladies

    "Finished !! And now, what to do wtih this drawing ?"

    And, lets' go for cutting...

    Some little holes...

    And test in the case

    "This is called Teamwork. Babouk, you'll smooth the remaining"

    I received a package... who sent me a package ? :P

    Big and great thanks to BeQuiet (francophone) for supporting me in this mod.

    Some progress on case.

    Yes, the original top is beautiful, but it doesn't suit me for what I want to do.
    Simple vents on the side, even if they are effective according H630 owners are too discreet for this mod.

    And as to change the top of the case, I'll change the "Power" button (a little cheap) with a more modern button.

    Where is the Team ? Some noise outside...

    "What are you doing in the bowl of dog?
    This is not a pool or jacuzzi.
    No time to play. There is a job to do.
    Everybody out."

    Well, I've protected the plastic part of the top (the top is composed of two elements, one made of plastic and one made of steel).
    Your turn to "play" Team.

    They work well, the drawings are made ​​quickly, it looks like there will be a big hole. Strange, they even drew a round ...

    "some magic gun, a little magic wand,
    and voila"

    I will also remove the insulation foam that will interfere with the cuts.

    Let's work now.

    "Go on MiniBat. Sure you can do it easily"

    Later, MiniBat finished the work. Good job for a newbie

    Now, have to do the steel part. Some drawings, like the plastic part.

    And, GO !!

    Let see the result

    On the case. Do not forget to also cut the upper chassis, the continuity of other openings.
    Without forgetting the part where will house the new button.

    And, done.

    "a very pretty hole
    Be careful not to fall into"

    The button fits perfectly.

    Still grinding to do...later

    Next step will be the side panel, where will be an opening, with plexi.


    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    And no, this is not a simple Batman logo. I am sure that many of you thought that. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Let's see what it looks like after wear some cutting discs

    And without the masking tape

    And there, looking at the pictures ... I realize that I forgot to cut the arc on the right wing

    Now that the opening of the door is made, I have to work on plexi.
    To begin, I prepare the glass with masking tape and I trace the shape of the light beam for the Bat-signal.

    And I cut the glass to size for the door.

    Then I get in my stock a white NZXT LED strip

    As the sheath will bother me for what I want to do, the Team is responsible for removing

    "That's good Babouk. Sleeve is off.
    What will we do now?"

    But missing someone ...

    "it's good to tan"

    And Flora is not the only one enjoying the sun

    Now I'm going to rest a bit and let the team take care of sanding the area delimited by the masking tape part. A little later ....

    "Done, plexi is opaque over the zone defined"


    Everyone at work!

    "Hold the cable. Twist, you mark points for the drill"

    And here are a few holes made ​​for LED.

    Try on case

    Let's see what it looks with the PSU BeQuiet "Power Zone"

    It's time to see what gives the glass in the dark, with lighting

    And with the door

    some material for watercooling

    So, a WB-CPU Aquacomputer cuplex Kryos PRO

    Two WB-GPU Watercool Heatkiller GPU-X3, backplates and multi-link

    Aquacomputer Aquatube


    As well as work on the case.

    Meantime, another order arrived

    Let's start with the front.

    A little "dough that repairs all"

    Part of the Team is here to give me a hand

    "You have to stick the dough. Well press and then smooth with some water"
    "OK ... but it's strange this thing"

    Some marking lines

    "Why babouk drew all these lines ? There are times when I really struggling to follow him"

    "I think we will need this decorative object"

    A hole, a BATARANG with a projecting portion ...

    "Pitch Perfect. That way the hinge does not interfere"

    With everything in place. OK, we glue the mask.

    "Now that the mask is stuck, we'll let dry. Next time, we will smooth imperfections"

    Then I had to redo the plexi side door. So I opted for simplicity, sticker film finish "frosted"

    And a small finish for the location of the temperature display


    At night, to not make nocturnal disturbance, I take care of the hardware.

    2x HIS R9-290X
    Watercool Heatkiller GPU-X3 + Multi-link

    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    To start, I continued the preparation of the mask, with two holes

    where will take place the "eyes"

    A small lighting test, to check (this is not the final color)

    At the place where is the BATARANG, a hole, an electro-luminescent wire (Neon String)

    Now DIY case.

    "OK, the aluminum plate is cut off. I love this tool"
    "This is what for ?"

    "All right, I maintain the plate. It does not fall"
    "Hi hi hi !!! He has not seen the clip at the top"

    "With the water tank in place, it's better right away"

    I think with that, DIY is finished. A test with few components to see what it looks

    I received another package with:

    Valve Bitspower

    Top Bitspower + Mod Kit

    Back to work.

    Today, a beautiful time to paint.
    Sun, 30 C, a slight breeze and above all a day off.

    To start, dismantling and preparation of elements that will be painted
    It's more fun than hanging washing.

    Without forgetting small details:
    - PCI caches
    - Screws (they were supposed to be golden when I placed the order, but rather copper)
    - Lian Li feet to replace the original ones
    - Rear supports for SSD
    - grids

    "Primer done" "Painting is cool !!"

    Once the primer is dry, I pass a layer of gold paint for some elements

    "$ - I feel rich with all that gold - $"

    And then we will do the rest of the case elements for a first layer of black

    "Me, I want to play with the gun"

    next painting step. As in recent days, the weather is ideal for the outdoor painting

    To start, I suspend the elements that will suffer the assault of the paint gun

    After a while, I get a result consonant with my expectations. A pretty black with light golden reflections.

    It's still a bit bright, but it must wait until the paint is dry to appreciate the final result.

    In the meantime, I decided to do a little photo shoot.

    The stars of this session:
    - Reservoir Bitspower Z-Multi 250 Brass Edition
    - Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Red Harbinger
    - Pompe XSPC + Top Bitspower
    - Mayhems Pastel UV Lime Yellow


    It's time to assemble some pieces.
    To start, U-channel on around the top of of the case, installing the grid and finally laying the Aquacomputer Aquatube tank.

    Let's see the rendering of the smaller side grids

    And the side grid of the facade

    Little test on the case (the door still needs a coat of paint, I had forgotten for the first pass)

    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    The painting is paused after a compressor problem that will be solved soon.
    The main part of the case is readyas well as the top, so I decided to start mounting the configuration.
    So for the moment, I still have to finish painting doors and facade of the case.

    Here we go. Mounting begins !!!

    Before beginning, a good coffee in a mug that fits well and an empty box.

    The motherboard ASUS X79 DELUXE, its Intel i7-4930k and 4x 8GB Corsair Vengeance

    The CPU waterblock Aquacomputer cuplex Kryos Pro installed, with custom fixings. I do not like the original fixings and those ones are better with the set.

    Installation in the case, without forgetting the PCI covers, matching with the mod.

    Ah!! The PSU BeQuiet! Power Zone 850W is there

    Some time later, a good part of wiring is in place.

    Then comes the installation of two SSD Samsung 840EVO (1TB + 500GB). The other two 500GB SSD will be placed behind the motherboard.

    Enough to cool completely the configuration.

    I decided to make lighting tests.
    We must pay attention to the fact that these are only the tests:
    - The LED strips are held only by iron wire, so not exactly placed in the right position
    - Led UV band is placed around the final location
    - Plexi is not on the door, so more light, no outline, visible LEDs, protective plastic on the front
    - The brightness of the LED (case and plexi) is adjustable

    So many little details that do not necessarily highlight the expected final rendering.

    Place to photos

    UV led: ON
    white led (case): OFF
    plexi: without - led OFF

    UV led UV: ON
    white led (case): ON
    plexi: without - led OFF

    UV led: ON
    white led (case): OFF
    plexi: with - led ON

    UV led: ON
    white led (case): ON
    plexi: with - led ON


    finally got my last package for the mod Bat Fou !!!!!!
    The package with all that was missing to begin mounting watercooling:

    Fittings Monsoon Hardline 12/13mm gold and acrylic tubes Monsoon Hardline 13/16mm

    Not forgetting my toolbox for rigid tubing

    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    Another update ...
    This time it is even for lighting (improved) and the plexi glass.
    Test with liquid Mayhems UV Yellow Lime in the tank.
    Empty pump, so no UV reaction in the lower case.
    Protective plastic still on the glass
    outline door not installed

    And another update...

    And a video to wait...
    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    Back to present day

    Then as currently we have a tropical storm that watereth us well, I can not progress on the paint.
    So I worked on a few details and, above all, today I started the rigid tubing.

    To begin, prepare the equipment. Good coffee, the case for rigid tubing, tubes...

    ... heatgun...

    .... mandrels

    and let's go for the first piece....

    After a few moments, the first one is ready.

    Remains to make the rest....
    More than a PC, a Passion

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    Default Re: [WorkLog - MOD] Bat Fou

    And now, the rigid tubing is completed, filled with liquid and the pump is OK.
    I let you enjoy the pictures

    More than a PC, a Passion

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