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Thread: what kinda paint?

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    hi, i was wondering,wat type of paint do u use to paint a laptop? I want to paint my laptop a lime green(like the alienware ones)

    also,around how many coaths do u need to paint?

    ar the paints expensive? (i live in cananda)

    o,and last question,is there any mods i can do to my laptop?

    THANKS! :no:
    My gaming rig-----------
    epox- ep 8RDA+ (sweet mobo)
    athlon 2000+
    2x 256 mb pc 3200 ddr 400 ram
    no brand case
    40 gb 7200 rpm western dig
    dvd-rom + cd-rw
    400 w PSU
    radeon 128mb 9700 pro (i am almost broke!)

    My server

    Msi mobo-athlon 2000+ 2x512 pc 2400 ddr ram - 120 gb 8mb 7200 rpm. - radeon 7000 64 mb- 15 nec montoir - atx case with 5 fans total

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    I wouldn't recommend painting your laptop, you maybe disappointed in a few weeks time as the paint begins to chip and scratch. Paint isn't so bad when doing bezels and cases as these tend to stay put and don't see much mobility, but with a laptop you're going to be moving it around alot and it WILL chip and scratch. You might want to think of using a vinyl dye instead, they also have an elastomeric paint(SEM). Vinyl dye penetrates the surface and seeps into the pores of the plastic. I have not used the SEM product yet, I will be experimenting with it later today though and will let you know how well it performs. There is a tire store in Canada(Big C Tires..?) that sells vinyl dye over the counter. Do a search on vinyl dye and look for some guides, I was reading one that mentioned where in Canada the editor bought it. Also with vinyl dyes you won't get runs and drip marks as you will with paint, because the dye seeps into the surface of the plastic....good luck!:cheers:

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