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Thread: Noisy Case NOT!

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    I must admit that after looking at this part of the forums I can I too have got the bug..

    I am intrested in the following 2 Cases:

    Thermaltake Highest Xaser III V2000A Super Tower
    and the SS Warrior from, that is also in offer these days..

    My main worry is the noise, cause all these cases you have look pretty cool and probably keep the temps at a low level, but what happens with the damn noise??

    Can someone tell me what is the noise levels like and/or what combination of case and fans will give me a nearly noise free case..

    All suggestion/proposals are very welcome..

    PS. I am so use to a super silent HP Vectra Desktop that I have in the office, that I changed my AMD XP 2100+ that was cooled by a 6500RPM gladiator fan to get an Intel P4 2,53 just to get rid of the bl#@dy noise!! I have even used the CoolerMaster Noise Absorber Kit in my case..

    System Specs:
    P4 2,53
    Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra
    Kingston 512MB 333Mhz with AKASA Copper RAM Sink
    Creative Geforce 4 460MX
    Soundblaster Audigy 2
    40GB Seagate ata 100
    60GB Seagate ata 100
    40GB Western Digital ata 100
    80GB Seagate ata 100
    Liteon 16x DVD
    Liteon 52X CDRW
    Sony DRU 500A DVDRW
    Addronics 420W PSU

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    if you want it to be very quite, then get a water cooling system
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    This is a little off topic but i saw you have a gigabyte 8pe667 ultra and i was wondering how you like it. I think i am going to get the ultra2 shortly and i am interested in your experience with your board.

    p4 2.4 gHz
    512mb pc2700 corsair low latency XMS memory
    Gigabyte 8pe667 ultra2
    volcano 7+
    xaser II case
    16x liteon dvd rom
    Western Digital 80gig Special Ed.

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    @ minibubba

    This sound good but

    1st isn't that a bit bulky??
    2nd how much would something like that cost??
    3rd is it easy to install and do you have any good sites to propose for me to get an general idea..

    By the way still no propositions on boxes and/or fans..?

    @ mdgosch

    The 8PE667 Ultra has been working very fine for me although
    I am a newbie at setting up, the system is rock solid and works pretty fast. I am using a similar setup to WEH found in this thread

    I am still looking for a response to my post in how to get the most out of my system in that thread but still no response.. :(

    Sorry for the off-topic reference by the way

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    yes they are bulky and expensive, but it's the best cooling solution available right now and it's very quiet. There are quite a few articles and reveiws about water cooing systems around so just do a google search a read a few. As far as buying one, a place to go is CoolerGuys
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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