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Thread: I Need A Fancy Case!

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    I have all my stuff to build a new computer except an ATX case and a power supply. I need imput (Please). It's a P4 system.

    I'm looking for a super fancy case and a sufficent power supply. can anyone supply some links for good buys on killer looking cases?

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    here it is and here is the link....killer enough for ya?:thumb:

    :cheers: I like this one the best though
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    Default - very interesting - super cooling soutions - stylish designs - adequate air flow - very good - I bought one - quite bad cases - bad mistake buying one!!

    If you want info for the best Quality PSU's ~ power supply units] - recommend the first and last PSU you should buy is a Enermax - only one word "Quality" is elegance!!!!
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    Any UNEEC case (Antec, Chieftec, Enermax, Thermaltake, etc, etc,...) should do the job well. :devil win

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    yeah, im a biiiig fan of those UNEEC variations.
    but there are some great ones from antec.
    have a look at

    its a great favourite of mine, it is what im getting, though the availability of the factory modded side panels (great 'cos they're not as big as most, and have space for a fan, and they're cheap) is quite limited in Australia at least. :(

    so yeah, thats what i say anywho. :D

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    I have the ANTEC full server 10 bay case and I was looking for a good side window when i noticed that they were all small and not very flattering for the case itself so i cut my own. It wasn't hard to do and i only have about 1" of metal arround the edge of the side panel. It only cost me 14.00 USD to make and it is cool to think that i did it myself. also most kits have squared edges arround the panel latch where i did a round edge that follows the contour of the whole side

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