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Thread: not bad for 20 bucks!

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    it said blahblahblah/alias_kane
    its the kane thing that always freaked me out. hehe
    To be honest, i never really clicked on it. But you didnt have to remove it just for me. :)

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    i removed it cos it was reeeealy outta date.
    i had changed my mod and cant be bothered updating it.
    anyways, kane where are u actually from?
    on your doo dad on the side <------ (that way) it used to say chicago, now it says the windy city, but on seti i think it says poland or something... :confused:

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    Windy City is Chicago.
    Big Apple is NYC
    Sin City is Las Vegas, etc.

    Anyway. I'm originally from Poland (thats why [email protected] site say's so.) but I've been living all over Europe and even in Lybia, untill I finally moved to Chicago. Thats where I'm at ATM.

    Hope that clears things up. maybe not

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