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Thread: Vinyl Dye

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    Rugbydude, I believe the last time I stepped into one of these discussions (Where is the spell check?!?:o ) a young lass told my yank ass that it is "the Queen's English" you speak! Of course there are people where I currently reside have a little problem being called yank!:rolleyes: :eek:

    Tally ho and bip bip cherro to you too! ANd since you play the "mannly" ball this is for you !:group:
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    Well most people think i sound american and there aint many people i know that speak the queens english:laugh:
    What the fcuk happened to my sig?

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    LoL even in america we have different names: e.g. Express Way and Freeway, same thing except different name :P
    The one thing man learns from history is that man does not learn from history.

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    Yeah, yeah, But in the end if ya can't speak the same language it all pretty much equals Shyte, or for those non-Celtic American descendents..........****.................Can we not just learn too read between the fricken lines???????????:wave: :?: :woot:

    And by the way, vinyl dye sucks if you even try to cover it with primer

    Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you recall.

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