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Thread: hard drive window

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    it started life as a WD 1.6gb drive

    then it died a while ago

    ok, so what to do? no big loss

    oh yeah! i'll play with it :D

    mr. dremel is my freind, and so is mr. plexi

    we got together and started talking, and this is what we came up with

    looks like CRAP, but then this was already a dead drive and all i wanted to do was to try it
    (the plexi peice is on the outside, i didnt' know if there was enough clearance inside, and i fergot if others i had seen were in or out...)

    big props to those who make it look GOOD and have it still working
    this wasn't an easy mod 8) :wow:
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    dude, that is some nice case modding :P i've seen some of the other stuff you've done and you seem pretty creative and good with a dremel :P mayb write like an article on how to do this stuff and sumbit it to TT :P
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    errrr, does that phonebook say springfield?
    anyways that is one fine job u did there, mebe u should try it again with like 1 mm plexi. and mount it on the inside.

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    Sweet, nice work man.
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    it looks really good, but in this case even if it was a good drive and you did install it, it would be fubar when it spun up.
    on the next drive you need to leave a little metal where the screw holes were because that helps to hold the drive plates and read/write heads firm. I did that with a working drive and when it spun the read heads gouged the platters all to hell. but like i said, it looks really good.
    Hope this helps

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