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Thread: custom bay cover logo

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    original thread at:

    ( my case bay covers go like this: plastic clip = metal peice = clear peice)

    generated this idea by looking at clem's case:

    (my case is similar to his)
    what i want to do is draw an image on the metal part of my bay covers, cut it off and put what stays back on, then put uv paint on the clear plastic parts where the metal is missing, and lastly put either a couple UV led's or a small UV cathode.

    sound good?

    i'll see what i can do about some drawings/image editings.

    (my case: )
    ...i could also utilize my remote fanbus drive to put it on that and have it so when i open it the uve turns on and the image lights up.

    i'll make drawings/image edits of both.

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    heres an update:

    ...i could also utilize my remote fanbus drive to put it on that and have it so when i open it the uve turns on and the image lights up.

    i'll make drawings/image edits of both.


    heres what i'll probably buy (either cathode or led's... which are better? 5 uv leds or 1 mini uv cathode?)

    -it will be harder to integrate a cathode into the drive-


    uv led: $2.50

    5 Pack
    Size: 5mm
    Forward Voltage: 3.5V
    Reverse Voltage: 5V
    Current: 50-90mA
    Viewing Angle: n/a
    Brightness: n/a
    Wavelength: 400-405

    the mini cathode: $12.00

    Fully assembled
    100mm CCFL tube
    CCFL tube is detachable from inverter
    Acrylic tube with cube ends
    Cube ends have a piece of double sidedtape for mounting
    Momentary switch (disassembles for case installation)
    Inverter in aluminum box
    4 pin molex connector


    uv cathode: $7.99

    i will be probably be going with the LED's and i'll use a uv cathode insode my case once i get the blue uv reactant rounded ide cables.

    heres some basic designs:

    <img src="" width=640 height=480>

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    That would be pretty sweet, i have a case similar to that and i would drill intake holes (unless you have wires there) and put little EL wire around it for a little glow effect
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    well, pretty much evrey fan at the base of my case is blowing air in, but i dont have any fans blowing out only venting.

    and where would you put the intake? i cant do it on the top part unless its between the power supply (or above it) and the remote.

    and the remote is filled with wiring, it wouldnt help to put any fans in it either.

    i dont have a drill press but i do have a dremel but i havent cut any holes on my case for fans, only cut holes on the cd-rom casing for the remote switches and LED's

    and i would feel a little edgy if i were to actually cut the plastic to make holes in the bay covers.

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    heres a really basic layout ( its off a bit because the pic was taken at an angle and i had to make the logo smaller (smaller = crappier)

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    have devised another way to connect the LED's using a automatic principle.

    i will be using a RCA connector (yeah you know, the on that isnt s-video...the other one). i'll use the female ends for the stationary part (on the caseing), and the male part for the actual tray.

    the only problem is they have to be aligned well

    i also need to know where i can get some UV paint and clear coat lacquer. like at homedepot or some other store

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