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Thread: A Public Invite for John

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    Hey John, as the Subject suggests this is a public invitation for you to come to the MorBius MK II LAN, i think i had a link somewhere regarding it, hehe, hrm oh yeah, my signature...

    anyway, I would really appreciate it if you come, and also, this is a good way to get other people to pressure you ;)

    jump on in the MorBius LAN sub-section in the gaming section of these forums, and have a chat if you want. that goes for everyone else too ;)

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    Skullshot i think it would be a great idea it John Gatt (me thinks ?)

    made a appearance .He could even sponsor it (Prize,Posters,etc)

    Sorry but i cant make it due to the distance in OZ

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    hrm...he could just come for the hell of it, maybe bring the VIA demo box with the VIA ARENA, sponsorship has to go through the proper channels and i have tried that one thru wilmot...but anyhoo, I'm just keen to have him come so that mr tweak won't annoyme all the time :D

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    Have you run that VIA Demo skullshot? It's pretty awesome, and with this new motherboard I'm now getting almost 100FPS in it! I was impressed. :)
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    Yeah john should come this time since it was his birthday at the same time as the last one so he didnt show to that...
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    yeah, ya gotta come now :)
    At the request of wiggo ;)

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