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Thread: Help!!

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    I have a playstation 1 thats chipped ive just downloaded mortal combat trilogy and its playing in black and white, i know you can get discs for the ps2 that make them region free so they can play any dvd i was just wondering if there was a disc i could get that would allow me to play ntsc games. thanx

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    what ur doing is illegal

    but to help you im sure that there are converters available which convert ntsc to pal which connect to the output socket and then into the tv
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    Again, If you don't own the game what you are doing is illeagal. i think..

    anyway.. there are programs which you can run on the image file to convert it to PAL or to NTSC.
    look for PAL -> NTSC convertoers .. or NTSC -> Pal converters..

    check in this list for said programs

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