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Thread: XBOX DVD quality

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    how does the XBOX DVD playing capibilities compare to a standalone DVD player?

    mainly in picture and sound quality/options.
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    I guess it would all depend on which adapter you are using with your XBOX. I remember when I first got my XBOX I found the DVD quality to be shocking but audio was fine. I replaced the standard RCA adapter with the Advanced AV adapter and now quality is just fine.

    My girl has a top of the range Pioneer DVD player and in terms of quality I can't see much difference between hers and the quality my XBOX puts out.

    I guess the type of TV you got would also play a major role in terms of your quality.

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    My brother has a XBOX and the picture quality seems fine - this is running on a **** TV btw. I would be as good as any computer dvd drive, as it is a dvd drive. :)

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