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Thread: cpu heatsink on my geforce

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    ok heres one for you guys, any ideas how i could mount my old vantec socket A heatsink on my geforce 2 mx? give me a holla if you need more information :devil:

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    o ya and another thing, i wanna know if there is an easy way to get these push pins off, they are a pain in the ass and im afraid to break the chip takin them off. ive heard there are some versions of the card where the little heatsink is not removable and i was wondering if mine is one of those. its a graphics force geforce 2 mx200 64mb. i honestly dont think it is or why would it have the pins this plainly a tweezers and finger job or is there a real trick to it? thanks

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    I've always been able to get mine off just by squeezing those push pins together on the back side of the board and then removing them. From there, just gently wiggle the heatsink until it allows you to remove it.

    Concerning your idea of mounting a full-blown CPU cooler onto a video card, you might want to consider a few things...

    - You will lose up to three PCI slots (depending on the size of the HSF) since it will stick out from the grapgics board.

    - Your only real option for mounting would be a thermal epoxy since I can't think of any way to get the pinouts to line up between the HSF and the holes on the video board.

    - The weight of the heatsink will likely put a lot of stress on the AGP slot since it isn't flush-mounted to the board and won't be properly balanced.

    Just some things to consider before you begin this project.
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    Ya may want to consider one of Thermaltake's Chipset Coolers instead of the CPU HSF. ;)

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    how about leaving the little heatsink on and using super glue to stick the fan from the big heatsink on there? i just want some active cooling on it. :wave:

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    I've used sheetmetal type screws to mount fans to passive heatsinks before. If the fan is a lot larger that the heatsink, it may be hard to mount. Superglue might not stand up to the heat. If your intent is to oc the hell out of it, you might consider heatsinks for the video ram too. These can be attatched with thermal adhesive.

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    i have a plan for the ramsinks, thanks to this guide
    man am i ever cheap, well will 2 of the four screws do the job, yur right the fan is much larger than the heatsink and some will hang over the edge but no big deal. and i have no pci devices so i dont care how big this baby gets. i can also support it from underneath if it gets too heavy for the agp slot.

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    Using a heavy cooler on a video card seems a little risky to me.
    Perhaps this is an option:
    I placed a Thermaltake cooler on my GF3, but I found it to loud. So I used a 120mm fan at low rpm to blow over the card and connected the TT to my DigiDoc (just in case the 120mm broke down) This gave me excellent cooling. I used a method similar to this one
    Not exactly the same, but you can probably adapt the idea to you situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swinger
    o ya and another thing, i wanna know if there is an easy way to get these push pins off, they are a pain in the ass and im afraid to break the chip takin them off.
    the push pins are easy to take off .. at least with ny MSI Ti4200 .. all you have to do is pull the little pin ( the center part ) out from the top .. that lets the bottom part close up and the fan/ heatsink will come right off ... its set up like the the little plastic things you stick in drywall .. the pin in the center push's the sides out to hold it in place.... hope this helps ..
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