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hmmm..well...im glad you like the looks of it Sparksta..

though as for:


1) How do you know i dont have any other fans?. you dont even see the the side panel or any other part from the case for that matter....

2)The cables are a mess because it al has just been fitted in.. no need to make it all nice just for it to have its picture taken with the intend to show the duct...

3)The circulation inside my case is good enough to give me nice temps during load.

4)Dont assume things you dont even see..unless you know that persons hardware..wich in my case you dont..

NOT ment to say it in a mean/angry way.. im just commentin'
1. I can see the back and bottom. You wouldnt have enough room on the right panel, and with all those harddrives in the way, i would have doubted that you had one in the front, maybe the CD-ROM Area, but there is not much point in putting one there unless you want to to cool something specifically positioned there or so you can blow air at your PSU. if you did have any panel fans, they would be unplugged fromthe psu, in of which i would have seen the connector plugs that you use for them hangin in your case, if anything i would have guessed that you ran the PC with the left off, as it would not be a good idea to leave a fan mounted like you have it on the HD Bay. All that i said was just guesswork.. but i did consider many things

2. Fair enough, i was just pickin on ya cable work :p :)

3. Tis all good then

4. What fans do you have in your case? just so i know what ya got :)