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Thread: does high temp of cpu causes auto reboots?

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    have this auto reboot problem when playing games.. did a check with my mother board temp monitor program and found out that WOW!! my cpu temp was 63 degrees and casing temp was abt 56 degrees!!!

    i removed my casing on the side and allow my fan to blow some cool air into my cpu.. was better, now its abt 43 degrees and casing was abt 40 degrees.

    but was wondering, does high temp causes cpu to auto reboot?

    if it really does, tink i will have to get a good HSF to solve my problem..

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    I have never had heat cause reboots before, but who can say what an electronic component will do? Regardless, you should still get a good HSF AND some decent case airflow in place to solve your cooling problems. More than likely you are in worse need of more case airflow than a new heatsink, though.
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    RAM is the cause of auto-reboots. Either your RAM is overclocked too far, the timings are too aggressive, or the RAM is not rated for the motherboard's default speed (e.g. using PC2100 ram on 1:1 ratio on a DDR400 board). Worst case scenario one of your RAM sticks could be faulty, or if you're using several different types of RAM, they don't get along together.

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    I had the same problem. Under a heavy load, my processor would overheat, and the machine would auto-shut down. I replaced my processor fan with a new Thermaltake fan, and added a case fan, and I haven't run into anymore problems.:cheers:

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    Too bad ya didn't state ya hardware/software setup there but 2K/XP and an overheating CPU will cause reboots as the CPU is likely corruptin' data which neither os will like and will result in reboots (unless you have changed the os to show a blue screen instead of rebooting automatically). Athlons and Durons will usually do that at around the temps ya gettin' as I've found out for myself. Definately you need to do something with ya case airflow 1st as stickin' a better HSF on will not help ya if it can't get any fresh air to work with.

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    My Volcano9 was a few days behind the rest of my parts for my new system to arrive, so I built the machine with the stock AMD HSF... Was getting constant reboots with WinXP, CPU temp was idling around 48-50C, and load'ing around 55-60C... would reboot every time.. my Volcano9 and AS3 arrived, I added a few more fans, and poof... CPU dropped over 20C instantly... no more problems :)
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    I have the same problem, I'll be playing a game and it'll reboot. Also, when I'm copying or burning cd's, the copy will turn out bad quality, there will be static or distortion of the music. I have a 4 month old hp 'puter, what could I do to cool it off? How do I monitor CPU and case temp.?:confused:
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    With regards to The Best Hp should've made sure that the pc wouldn't do this as your a paying customer. You should try ringing them and complaining. failing that you should get a new hsf. BTW wouldn't that void the warrenty :?: With regards to the mointering temp you can download lots of software from the website.

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    hp, take it back, its only been 4 months. At least u got a dx7 card with it(lol), I've seen much worse cards in those.
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