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Thread: Air flow problems

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    Yeah I remember that article and though it was at but I can't locate it atm though it may just work for ya.

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    well, as far as tubing, shouldn't be a problem. My family is in the plumbing business! The only problem might be how to get the piping into the house. That will invlove some :cough: er.... handy work.

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    whoa, now thats a worthwhile mod! :wow:

    i can honestly say that i have never heard of anyone doing something like that before, but there are definantly a few problems you would have to watch out for like not being able to move your pc out of that room (unless you are really tricky and run a pipe to each room to plug into your system :D)
    You would also wanna get a damn reliable pump, run the wiring really well and waterproof it to the max, cuz i bet you wouldnt wanna be digging a pump out of a 6' hole every time it decided to **** itself through either pump malfunction or a short in the windings/wiring etc. :p

    looks like that knowledge of plumbing in the family will come in handy :D

    anyways, good luck!
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    If your room is always that much hotter than the rest of the house|apartment|shanty you would probably find that it's cheaper to adjust the airflow through the ducts to increase cooling to your room. Then both you and the computer will be more comfortable.
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    My room all ways seems to be quite a bit hotter all so. Or at least untill I bought a roll of removeable window tint. Darkest stuf I could find. It stays up via static cling. In the summer when it's in the 90's - 100's I go as far as to put up some black poster board in the window. When I come home from work now days. My rooms usually cooler than the rest of the house. I could probably set my fish tank back up with out killing 'em. A little handy man tip for ya. The under ground cooler sounds cool to though.:blah:
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